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39 of the best things that are on sale this weekend for up to 68% off

Who doesn’t love a good sale?

Right now on The New York Post Store, there are so many amazing deals that it can be hard to narrow down which items to add to your cart. To help you navigate the incredible discounts on our site, we rounded up 39 of our absolute favorites—with savings of up to 68% off!

As you scroll, you will find awesome deals on everything from wearable straws and innovative coffee makers to green tea infused pillows and electrolyte infused popcorn. Now, hurry, because these sales aren’t going to last long.

2-Layer Knit Jersey Face Mask – Adult, Assorted Colors (5-Pack), now on sale for $24.99 (37% off)

A person wearing a face mask

Score a 5-pack of these super comfortable jersey masks that are perfect for all-day wear.

Premium Everyday Face Mask, now on sale for $11.99 (7% off)

A person wearing a face mask

Featuring adjustable ear loops, this face mask is designed with two, ultra-breathable cotton layers.

Coolado Portable Multifunctional ePump, now on sale for $34.99 (22% off)

A portable pump

Perfect for camping trips and beach days, this portable pump can inflate (or deflate!) an airbed up to 45 times on a single charge.

Down Alternative Reversible Comforter Set (Gray & Light Gray/Queen), now on sale for $45 (62% off)

A bed and nightstand

This reversible comforter is 100% hypoallergenic so you can stay as cozy as possible even during allergy season.

Honeycomb Breathable Sitting Gel Cushion, now on sale for $71.99 (19% off)

Blue silicon gel meant for sitting

MIssing your ergonomic office chair? Made from elastic silicone gel, this cushion will transform your dining room chair into the perfect WFH seat.

VENQUE® NY Daypack (Black), now on sale for $118.99 (14% off)

A black backpack

Not only is this daypack super cute, but it has enough pockets to keep all your belongings safe and secure.

Johnny Fly™ Figure Sunglasses, now on sale for $108 (20% off)

A person sitting on outdoor furniture wearing sunglasses

Summer might be coming to an end, but these sunnies will transition you to and from every season.

GoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera, now on sale for $149.99 

An underwater fishing scene, where the fishing line is connected to an underwater camera

This Wi-Fi enabled, underwater fishing camera allows you to see the action up close.

Motorola Smart Safe with Secure Wall Mounting, now on sale for $109.99 (14% off)

A safe on a shelf, filled with personal items such as a wallet, keys, and event tickets

This smart safe features a water-resistant keypad, humidity and odor control system, remote open capability, and an intelligent reminder system to keep your most important items safe and secure.

Screen Mom™ Screen Cleaning Super Bundle, now on sale for $23.99 (20% off)

A person wiping down a tablet screen

Keep all your screens squeaky clean with this cleaning potion and microfiber towel bundle.

Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector for iPhone 11 Pro/X/XS, now on sale for $29.99 (36% off)

A box for an anti-blue light screen protector, next to a phone

Rated 4.3/5-stars on Amazon, this screen protector effectively blocks up to 99% of harmful blue light emissions in order to eliminate headaches, eye irritation, and fatigue,

MagicLight Smart Colorful LED Light Bulbs: 2-Pack, now on sale for $17.99 (14% off) 

Two colorful LED smart light bulbs, with a small phone showcasing the app

Choose from a color palette of over 16 million colors in order to create an ambiance that fits your mood.

Power Plate® DualSphere: Targeted Vibration Massager, now on sale for $99 

A person wearing fitness clothes using a rolling massager

Use this targeted vibration massager after working out to relax and rejuvenate tight and sore muscles.

AXIS Gear: Smart Blinds Controller, now on sale for $199.99 (19% off)

A person using a controller for window blinds, with a checklist that reads "Set schedules, App control, Touch strip control"

Use your phone to open and close your blinds with this easy-to-install, Indiegogo-funded smart device.

nOcean Wearable Reuseable Silicone Straw, now on sale for $15.99 (20% off)

A reusable straw that rolls into a bracelet

Wear this silicone bracelet on your wrist so that you have a reusable straw whenever you need it.

Slant Board Calf Stretcher, now on sale for $56.99 (43% off)

A person stretching using a slanted board step-up device

Rated 4.7/5-stars on Amazon, this inclined board can be used to relieve a variety of health problems, from tight hamstrings to Achilles Tendonitis.

Go.C Bundle: 2 Wearable Dispensers + 8Oz Hand Sanitizer, now on sale for $17.99 (40% off)

A person holding hand sanitizer by their waist and squirting it

Successfully funded on Kickstarter at $94,969, this wearable attaches to your belt, pocket, or bag so that you always have hand sanitizer when you need it.

Fusion Skin Hot & Cold Dual Facial Massager, now on sale for $57.99 (34% off)

A person using a face massager

Rated 4.5/5-stars on Amazon, this anti-aging device uses sonic vibration, hot/cold massage, and light therapy to improve the appearance of skin.

FrankOne™ Brewer + FrankCoffee, now on sale for $99.99 (21% off)

A coffee brewing set, featuring a bag of coffee, brewing device, and cup

This coffee maker uses a vacuum to pull water through your coffee grounds in order to extract maximum flavor in a short timeframe.

Washable 3D Masks: 12-Pack, now on sale for $24.99 (44% off)

A person wearing a face mask, with another face mask to their side

Never run out of a clean face-covering again with this 12-pack of washable masks.

Mountie Plus: Second Display Grip, now on sale for $31.99 (8% off)

A laptop with an additional monitor attached

Rated 5/5-stars on Product Hunt, this display grip allows you to experience a dual-screen set up with total ease.

LUFT Cube Portable Filterless Air Purifier, now on sale for $99.99 (32% off)

An air purifier on a wood table

With patented SPP Nanotech and UV LED, this award-winning purifier will keep the air around you free from allergens and pollutants.

Refresh Memory Foam Pillow, now on sale for $79 (27% off)

A memory foam pillow

This memory foam pillow is infused with green tea oil to relieve pressure and relax your muscles.

2-in-1 Compact Smart Fit Watch & Bluetooth Earpods, now on sale for $69.99 (56% off)

A smart watch with earbuds that connect to it

This sleek smartwatch features built-in earpods so you can beat your fitness goals anytime, anywhere.

Wooden Balance Rocker Board, now on sale for $39.95 (50% off)

A person balancing on a balancing board

Rated 4.5/5-stars on Amazon, this balance board can help improve coordination, agility, and core strength.

lytepop™ Electrolyte Infused Popcorn, now on sale for $17.95 (28% off)

Four bags of lytepop popcorn

This organic, high-fiber, low-calorie snack is charged with electrolytes to give your body the minerals it needs to stay hydrated.

Giant Art “Space Cadet” by Hidden Moves, now on sale for $441.95 (19% off)

A poster of a person wearing a space helmet

Add an element of wonder to your current home aesthetic with this 48″x72″ print.

SaniBeam™ Portable UV-C Sanitizer, now on sale for $49.99 (49% off)

A person holding a UV-C sanitizer

This gadget can kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria in under 60 seconds.

ClubONE Rewards: Silver Membership, now on sale for $79.99 (68% off)

A logo for Club1Hotels, with a faded background image of a pool and umbrellas

If you are already planning your post quarantine vacation, then you should grab this membership that offers 2-years of access to wholesale rates at over 1.5M hotels, cruises, flights, and car rentals.

Addsfit MAX Massage Gun, now on sale for $169.99 (31% off)

A massage gun

Rated 4.8/5-stars on Amazon, this massage gun enhances blood flow, softens knots, and helps to repair muscle fibers.

LutiKey Bluetooth Tracker Device, now on sale for $23.99 (20% off)

Two phones with LutiKey notifications on screen, and a LutiKey device in between

This Bluetooth device allows you to find your easily lost items as well as track your loved ones.

mbarc 7-Day Weekly Pill Organizer, now on sale for $26 (13% off)

A person holding a pill organizer

This 7-day pill carrier is a step up from the ordinary pillbox your parents used growing up.

Rose Box™ Premium Jewelry Box & Everlasting Roses, now on sale for $259 (25% off)

A box of red roses

Can’t see your loved one during quarantine? Then show your affection by sending them this special box of everlasting flowers.

Klean+ Crisp Lavender Hand Sanitizer (1.69 Fl Oz / 6-Pack), now on sale for $38.99 (18% off)

Six bottles of hand sanitizer

This hand sanitizer is formulated with 67% ethyl antiseptic as well as soothing essential oils to keep your skin from drying out.

AMASS Botanic Hand Sanitizer (2oz): 5-Pack, now on sale for $47.99 (20% off)

Five bottles of hand sanitizer

This 70% alcohol hand sanitizer features aloe, cinnamon, allspice, clove, and eucalyptus.

Photo Backup Stick® Universal, now on sale for $53.99 (9% off)

A phone connected to a Photo Backup Stick

Preserve your favorite pictures and videos in one place with this Photo Backup Stick.

Zero Breeze Mark 2: Cordless Battery Air Conditioner, now on sale for $1279 (8% off)

A cordless air conditioning unit

This portable A/C uses a compact high-efficiency fan system to blow cold air 30°F lower than the ambient temperature.

Crave Octane Bluetooth Earphones (Black), now on sale for $29.99 (40% off)

A person listening to earbuds

These Bluetooth earphones offer 8-hours of battery life, ergonomic ear hooks, an in-line microphone, and a sweat-resistant design.

ALLN-1 PlyoBelt™ PRO Fitness Trainer, now on sale for $59.99 (25% off)

A person using an elastic trainer outdoors

Set up your own professional training program at home with this extremely versatile fitness tool.


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