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Anti-mask activists storm London supermarket demanding shoppers resist ‘new world order’

A group of anti-mask activists stormed into a supermarket demanding shoppers resist a “new world order” and to remove their face coverings.

Members of StandUpX stunned grocery shoppers as they entered a Morrison’s store in Peckham, south London, to berate those who were wearing face coverings.

The protestors, who were largely not using masks, walked through the isles with megaphones telling people not to submit to the Government’s Covid-19 guidelines, saying: “Your masks are so bad for you”.

One activist shouted: “You are conditioned to believe everything the government tells you.” “You never ask questions, just wear a mask.” 

“You know this agenda is the new world order agenda. They are conditioning you for the new world order guys. You guys need to resist.” 

Standup X protest groups claim to be a “community of struggle against the New Normal”, questioning the sense of local lockdowns and social distancing measures designed to halt the spread of coronavirus.

It was founded by Simon Dolan, an aviation tycoon who earlier this month lost a High Court bid to overturn the government’s lockdown rules.

Hundreds of activists descended upon Hyde Park last month to oppose the wearing of face coverings becoming mandatory in shops and supermarkets.

Launching the campaign on July 6, Mr Dolan said: “I believe in freedom of choice for all and the protection of personal liberties. The Government’s actions are crippling the economy, denying children education, and trampling over human rights.” 


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