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Anahstasia Fafara is notable for being the spouse of famous performer Dez Fafara. Dez Fafara is an American weighty metal entertainer who has recently performed with DevilDriver and Coal Chamber. Dez Cadena, entertainer and guitarist for Black Flag and an early effect on Fafara, propelled him to accept the moniker “Dez.”

Anahstasia rose to reputation subsequent to showing up on the front of Coal Chamber’s subsequent collection, Chamber Music. She is additionally a fruitful business person who claims various organizations like Sun religion, The Oracle, and so on

Coal Chamber: Who Is Anahstasia Fafara? Anahstasia Fafara is notable as the spouse of very well artist Dez Fafara. Dez Fafara is an American weighty metal performer who has recently performed with DevilDriver and Coal Chamber.

Fafara worked together on five collections with Coal Chamber. Four of the collections, including Coal Chamber (1997), Chamber Music (1999), and Dark Days (2002), had new material. Anahstasia is additionally a fruitful financial specialist who claims numerous organizations like Sun Cult, The Oracle, and others.

What Is Anahstasia Fafara And Husband Dez Fafara Age Difference? Anahstasia Farara’s age is 52 years of age. She and her better half Dez Farara has an age contrast of 3 years, with Dez being 55 years of age.

Anahstasia was born on May 12, 1966, in Santa Barbara, California, U.S. Fafara accepted his first tattoo when he was 16 years of age. Dez’s original name is Bradley James Fafara. His star sign is Tauruses.

Anahstasia’s exact date of birth is obscure. Perhaps she needs to keep her own data out of online media stages. Anahstasia Fafara Kids Anahstasia Farara is honored with three children with her significant other Dez. All her three children are young men.

Farara brought forth her first kid Tyler in the year 1991. With a three-year age distinction, she brought forth her subsequent kid, Kaleb, in 1994. Simon, her third youngster, was born in 1997. She seems to invest a great deal of energy with her kids since she has been seen on vacations with them in different regions.

Source: TG Time

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