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Are Bob Saget Parents Still Alive or Died? Bob Saget, a 65-year-old comedian, died on January 9, 2022, leaving fans curious about his parents and family. So, do Bob’s parents, Benjamin and Dolly Saget, still exist? Stay tuned in to to the end!

Bob Saget was on a stand-up tour and was staying at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, after performing the night before in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Although no foul play or drug use has been discovered, the cause of death has yet to be determined. The hotel staff discovered him unresponsive in his room around 4 p.m.

Are Bob Saget Parents Still Alive? Dad, Mom And Family Life Explored

As a result, the multi-talented personality and one of How I Met Your Mother’s most beloved characters left this world, leaving an unfillable void in the hearts of his fans.

Not only has the protagonist’s family and parents grown fond of him as a result of the heartbreaking event.

So, here’s what you need to know about the people who gave birth to such a versatile person.

About Bob Saget Parents 

Bob Saget was born on 17 May 1956 in Philadelphia to his father, Benjamin, and mother Rosalyn “Dolly.” 

Bob Saget was born on May 17, 1956, in Philadelphia, to Benjamin and Rosalyn “Dolly” Saget.

Rosalyn was a hospital administrator, and Benjamin was a supermarket manager. The Jewish couple lived in Los Angeles with their three children, Bob, Gay, and Andrea Saget.

Gay and Andrea died at the ages of 47 and 34, respectively, leaving Bob as the sole survivor.

Are Bob Saget Parents Still Alive? Dad And Mom Explored

After his parents died many years ago, Bob has left to join them in the afterlife.

Bob’s father died in 2007 as a result of congestive heart failure complications. At the time, he was a retired Senior Executive from a supermarket chain.

Similarly, his mother, who was 89 at the time, died of abdominal cancer in 2014. Before retiring, she worked as an Administrative Executive Assistant at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Bob was very close to his parents and, even after their death, he used to mention them in his stories and interviews.

Bob Saget Family Life Explored

Apart from his parents, he had a family of five consisting of him, his wife Kelly Rizzo, and his three children, Aubrey Saget, Lara Melanie Saget, and Jennifer Belle Saget.

He was previously married to his longtime wife, Sherri Kramer, with whom he had a nearly two-decade relationship.

Kelly has lost her beloved husband, and the children have lost their caring father, so the family must be in a difficult period.

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