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 NameCarmen Harlan

Birthday / Date of Birth / Carmen Harlan AgeNovember 4, 1953. As of 2020, she is around 67 years old.

Wedding / Spouse / Husband / Marriage / PartnerMarried to Andrew Henry Jr. See details below.

Bio Profile / Wikipedia Information

Carmen Harlan is a former television anchor, who has also reported for WDIV-TV Network in Detroit.

Young Life, Parents & Family Details :

­Carmen was born in early November in the year of 1953 and is from Detroit, Michigan in the United States.

As a result, she was the oldest of three daughters, growing up in Northwest Detroit.
At the age of 10, she was brought on a trip, along with her parents, to partake in the 1963 Detroit Walk to Independence.

School : Carmen earned a partial scholarship of $10,000 to the University of Michigan, and graduated as a holder of an Arts degree, with a specialization in voice.
Because of her partial scholarship, she performed numerous odd jobs while going to school and started working for a radio station until she received her degree.

At this point, she is married to a Detroit businessman, Andy Henry Jr. Sally was born to Joseph Cobb her first partner. This patient has two children – a son, Joseph Cobb, and a daughter, Jessica Hall. By way of her eldest son’s birth, Carmen has three grandsons, Leon, Christien and Graham.

Carmen Harlan Height, Interesting Facts & Controversies :

Carmen’s most favorite time of her career came when she got the opportunity to race with the Olympic torch as part of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games as a Detroit envoy.

In a 2014 episode, Carmen made a point regarding the huge Arab community of Michigan, which is at the core of why the state is linked to Isis. After apologies from Ms. Quinn came in from the Arab began group, she related that her comments have been misused, although she conveyed that the assertion was not intended to offend someone. Mr. Blair notes that he may not believe Ms. Quinn’s acts represent the best in him.

Carmen Harlan, Net Worth Career & Salary :

Carmen’s first full-time position out of University was as a newscaster for W4 News on WWWW FM Radio. She has served as a journalist for the past years.

In 1978 she made the transition from radio to tv in which she had a job as a reporter for a local television news show. In 2013, she signed up to resign from the business following 38 years of representing the network. She shared that she wanted to spend some time with her grandsons as they returned to Cincinnati.

During her career, her most notable stories included:

Pope John Paul II’s visit to the United States in 1987.
Nelson Mandela was once a prominent supporter of the United States.
For both of President Obama’s inaugurations.
The colonization of Iraq and Afghanistan.
The building of the 9/11 incident, and the interviews with survivors.
Pointing out the passing of Diana, the Princess of Wales.

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