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Charlotte dwelled at the Bridge of Allan and was acquainted with the wheelchair twisting club by Stirling wheelchair club itself.

She has been working at Macroberts Art Center, which lines up with what she does now, and has various desires and objectives to contend and work far better for the twisting local area.

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Charlotte McKenna: Meet The Wheelchair Curler In Winter Olympic 2022 Charlotte has her future objective set to contend at the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games.

From the Birthplace of Oban, born on 18/02/75, she presently lives at the place of scaffold pf alan.

As ParalympicGB has declared with regards to the group of five-in number wheelchair twisting crew, Charlotte Mckenna is chosen as one of the five individuals from the group that will address Great Britain at the Beijing 2022 Paralympic winter games.

The Executive Director of British Curling’s compliments the entire wheelchair twisting group for showing versatility and assurance put for their arrangements of games and remarkable difficulties.

Wheelchair Curling: Learn More About The Sport Wheelchair Curling is a group activity played with ice and similar rocks, rocks being tossed from a fixed wheelchair.

Wheelchair Curling is a variation for competitors and is a game that individuals can play with a wide scope of incapacities who have actual weakness in the lower half of their body, influencing their l lower appendages or walk.

This game started in Europe in the last part of the 1990s and afterward in North America in 2002.

This is one of the games in the Winter Curling Federation, and the World Curling Federation administers it.

Charlotte McKenna: Meet Her on Instagram Charlotte McKenna is by all accounts inaccessible on the Instagram Platform.

Her online media presence is by all accounts low-profile and low kept up with.

The 2016 British wheelchair open champ Charlotte McKenna began her excursion at 39 and was roused to take up the game subsequent to watching the Winter Paralympics of 2014. Her Instagram presence can not be seen at this point.

It seems as though Charlotte McKenna, alongside her colleagues, are taking advantage of their arrangements for consistently as the commencement to Beijing starts.

McKenna On The Paralympic Sport And The Rules In the first place, the British Paralympic expects every one of the competitors and members making a trip to Beijing to be completely immunized.

The group is made of 4 players and should incorporate male and female players and should be on the ice constantly.

A substitute can be brought into play toward the start of an end for the replacement.

Conveyance turn and the positions ought to be announced before the beginning of the game.

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