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Did Brittany Balyn Divorce Husband Cody Blue – Brittany Balyn, a YouTuber, exposes Finn Slater by sharing many Instagram stories.

Finn Slater is a well-known actor who starred in the films Ravage II: The Hunted and Ravage. Is it true that he had a relationship with YouTuber Brittany Balyn? This is what we know so far.

Reddit: Is Finn Slater & Brittany Balyn Affair Talk On TikTok Real?

Youtuber Brittany Balyn has recently exposed Finn Slater on her Instagram story. It seems like they were involved in an affair some time ago.

She has shared a photo with Slater stating many things about him. She has captioned the story with a long text that reads;

” I usually take the high road but the long list of women you use and hurt going to expose you so you cannot continue this abuse anymore.”

Did Brittany Balyn Divorce Husband Cody Blue, Who Is Finn Slater TikTok? Alleged Affair Talk On Reddit

She further writes: “It’s not a defamation of character if it’s true” and ends by saying; “He’s on TikTok, looking for more victims.”

Balyn has also stated that she has voice proof and she speaks the truth. She has further shared replies from women on her post, who probably dated Finn in past. 

At present, Finn Slater is seen active on Tiktok with the handle name @finnfslater. He has a total of 60.7 thousand followers on the platform.

Did Brittany Balyn Divorce Her Husband Cody Blue?

Youtube Brittany Balyn is already separated from her husband Cody Blue, They reportedly split in 2021. It is possible that her alleged affair with Finn could have broken her relationship with Cody.

Balyn, a famous Youtuber, had shared the news via a Youtube video. The clip she shared is titled “we separated *not clickbait”.

[embedded content]

In the clip, she is seen how she and her longtime boyfriend decided to part ways. Cody Blue and Balyn also share a baby daughter together.

At present, Blue has over 1.3 million subscribers and is best known for her “how-to” videos and vlogs.

Brittany, on the other hand, is best known for her fitness videos, although she has recently begun vlogging and putting more emphasis on her YouTube account.

Who Is Finn Slater? His Wikipedia

Actor Finn Slater is currently in his mid-twenties. He had started his career on stage while he was a teenager. 

According to IMDB, his movie credits include Ravage II: The Hunted and Ravage. In the Thriller movie, he appeared as Tony. 

Slater had received his training from the Margie Haber Studio and Michelle Danner Acting School. He is also skilled in music and dance.


Tell me I’m wrong…

♬ Rock ‘n’ Roll (Part 2) – Gary Glitter

Talking about his body stats, he stands at the height of 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs around 160lbs / 73kgs. He is a native of California.

For now,  Slater has only two movie credits, however, we have very often seen fans praising his performance. He is an underrated actor.

The actor is currently seen active on Instagram with the handle name @finnfslater. At present, he has a total of 366 followers on the platform.

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