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Isabella Vitkovic is an Austrian entertainer who additionally functions as a life sized model in music recordings. She is notable for her job in Falco’s melody “Higher Than Ever” and the narrative film “Recorded Past.”

Isabella was a video model and entertainer. In 1998, she made her video debut with “Higher than any time in recent memory.” She then, at that point, proceeded to star in a few docu-films.


Who Is Isabella Vitkovic And Where Is She Today? Vitkovic is notable for being the ex of singer Falco, otherwise called Johann Hans Holzel. The couple dated for a couple of years and had a little girl named Katharina on March 13, 1886.

Johann “Hans” Hölzel was an Austrian performer, vocalist, and writer who went by the stage name “Falco”.

Falco and Isabella Vitkovic had a little girl named Katharina in 1986, while they were all the while dating. The couple wedded in 1988, be that as it may, the marriage was fleeting because of Katharina’s “adoration disdain” relationship.

Isabella Vitkovic, Falco’s ex, as of late showed up in a narrative series called ‘History.’

She today lives in Vienna with her exquisite girl. Notwithstanding, she isn’t dynamic via virtual entertainment and evades contentions.

What Is Falco’s Ex-Wife Age? Isabella Vitkovic has all the earmarks of being in her 50s or 60s, as indicated by all sources. Her actual birthday presently can’t seem to be found. In any case, she is of Austrian plunge and probably hails from the white drop. Falco’s Wikipedia page contains a concise history of Isabella Vitkovic.

In 1993, a paternity test was led. Katharina was not his organic youngster, as per the test. Katharina has scrutinized the test’s legitimacy in a book she has composed.

Katharina’s association with him soured accordingly. Despite the fact that they kept in contact, she embraced her mom’s last name and professed to be avoided with regard to his will. Whenever he died, she was 12 years of age.

She just accommodated with Falco’s mom, Maria Hölzel, a couple of years before Hölzel died in April 2014 at 87 years old. Falco was mein Vater, a journal by Katharina, was delivered in 2008. (Falco Was My Father).

Isabella Vitkovic Height Revealed Isabella Vitkovic’s level has not been disclosed, and she seems, by all accounts, to be a tranquil individual who would rather not share individual subtleties.

Taking a gander at Isabella’s photographs, she has all the earmarks of being a tall lady with a charming appearance.

Likewise, Isabella expressed that Falco was a mindful and adoring guardian. He had just a single successor, and she was the sole beneficiary of his home. Be that as it may, she acquired nothing from him after the paternity test.

Isabella was a video model and entertainer prior to entering the field. In 1998, she made her introduction with the video ‘Higher than at any other time.’ After that, she showed up in a couple docu-films.

Source: TG Time

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