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James R. Fitzgerald is a past FBI agent. He rose to prominence after he successfully captured the notorious Unabomber, Theodore John Kaczynski. He led the FBI team for 18 years to capture the criminal, and he was finally successful in his mission. However, he also put an end to UNABOM‘s terror.

Unfortunately, he was responsible for three deaths and over 23 injuries. While he was successful in his professional life, things did not go well for the agent when talking about his personal life. Please stick with us to know more about what happened in James’ life and related details.

James R Fitzgerald Wife
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UNABOM and James’ Marriage

James R. Fitzgerald married his wife, Ellie Fitzgerald, in the year 1976. additionally, the couple had three children. However, things began worsening for the couple due to the nature of James’ professional career. He had to travel to a lot of places and could not come home for days.

In addition, he was constantly working on criminal cases, which led him to different locations, and these locations were often far away from his residence.

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James was unable to spend time with his family, and this slowly began poisoning their relationship. Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse for the couple after his team finally captured the criminal.

While his mission was a success, his marriage ended as they legally divorced following the FBI’s success. They could not make things work as husband and wife, but they could share their children’s custody. Though they separated, they were also able to end their relationship on peaceful terms with each other.

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James R. Fitzgerald New Partner

Following the divorce, James has moved on and found someone else to share his love with. He laid low after the success of the UNABOM capture but stole the headlines again when the Discovery Channel began a series regarding the famous capture called ‘Manhunt: Unabomber.’ It was during this time that the media came to know about his new spouse, Natalie Schilling.

Natalie is a professor of Linguistics and is currently working at Georgetown University. She performed a significant role in capturing UNABOM as she was responsible for decoding the criminal’s writings.

James R Fitzgerald Wife
James with his fiancé Natalie Schilling and Jean Tripplehorn (Alex Blake) of Criminal Minds.
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Because of her considerable contribution to the case, her character was also a part of the Discovery series. Australian actor Sam Worthington portrayed James while American actress Lynn Collins played the role of Natalie in the series.

While the world knows that James and Natalie are together, they have not married each other. In addition to this, they also lead a private life. The last time the media captured the two of them together successfully was back in the year 2014. It was during a press event of the series ‘Criminal Minds.’

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