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Joe Kenda Health: Does American Detective Have Cancer? Is Joe Kenda, the star of American Detective, suffering from cancer? Let’s take a look at the retired Lieutenant’s current health status and sickness diagnosis.

During his 23-year tenure as a detective lieutenant with the Colorado Springs Police Department, Joseph Patrick Kenda worked on 387 homicide cases, solving 356 of them for a 92 percent closure rate.

Joe Kenda Health: Does American Detective Have Cancer? illness Update And Nose Scar

He has a show called ‘Homicide Hunter’ on Investigation Discovery where he relates stories about crimes he has solved.

Kenda has not only accomplished great things over his 23 years with the Colorado Springs Police Department, but he also broke the Discovery Channel’s most famous crime show’s show rating of 8.8 out of 10 on IMDb, becoming the network’s best viewer rating performance.

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Joe Kenda Health: Does American Detective Have Cancer?

Joe Kenda is one hypothesis about his nose scars is supposed to have skin cancer.

The rumor, however, is not openly addressed by Joe about the disease.

The former homicide detective has not updated anything regarding severe health issues on social media as of now.

At the old age of 75, he looks delighted, full of energy, positive and healthy, enjoying beautiful moments with his wife, Mary Kathleen.

Mary was his long high school girlfriend, and they got married in 1967. This couple is blessed with two children, namely Dan and Chris.

After he retired from his law enforcement career in 1996, Joe made his debut in Television.

He was first credited as a top view rating performer in ‘The Homicide Hunter,’ which premiered in 2011, where he narrated the details of his cases from his 23 years career as a detective.

He is currently working on another series, ‘American Detective’, which was released in January 2021.

Also, in 2021, he published a book, ‘Killer Triggers,’ a biography based on true crime.

How Did Joe Kenda Get The Nose Scar?

Joe Kenda and his wife have not opened up about the secrets behind the nose scars of Joe, leaving the fans to make multiple guesses of what could have happened.

It appears nobody has dared to ask him straight on his face regarding the nose scar.

Broader speculations claim that Kenda’s nose scars were caused by skin cancer or punch to the face.

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Living the life of a homicide detective is indeed a nightmare full of risks, and he might have been attacked at the time of investigations.

Viewers on Reddit and Facebook speculated that the scar was caused by a dog bite when he was younger or that it was caused by a drug dealer hitting him with a ring while on a narcotics raid.

A spectator once stated that he tried to hide during a mission and opted to acquire a nose piercing to make the role play more realistic. Unfortunately for Kenda, the nose operation went horribly wrong, and he now has a crooked nose.

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