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Josie Alexandra is the offspring of Jay Aston and Dave Colquhoun.

Jay Aston focused on her little girl, Josie Alexandra’s ailment after numerous netizens showed worries for her. She said that her kid experiences bacterial meningitis very much like her dad, Dave.


Who Is Josie Alexandra? Josie Alexandra is the little girl of artist Jay Aston and guitarist Dave Colquhoun. Her name surfaced on the web in light of her mom’s notoriety in the music business.

As indicated by ABTC, she went to Oxted School in the wake of moving on from Charles Darwin High School. As of now, she is signed up for Fashion Retail Academy’s level three style retail program.

As of late, she has been in the features after her mom discussed her sickness via virtual entertainment. She posted an image of her little girl and subtitled it requesting that she get back home soon.

She uncovered the sickness that her little girl has been experiencing. Fans didn’t hold back to petition God for her prosperity in the remark segment. All things being equal, they have been requesting that Aston stay solid and giving her expectation that her youngster will be back home soon.

Jay Aston Reveals Daughter Josie Alexandra Illness Jay Aston uncovers about her girl, Josie Alexandra’s disease. The Bucks Fizz star discussed her girl in the wake of being shipped off the medical clinic with bacterial meningitis.

After her organs started to flop last month, she was taken to serious consideration and set in an actuated unconsciousness. She is still in a particular kidney unit, according to Daily Mail.

On Monday, Jay uncovered to Loose Women that they almost lost her. Additionally, a photograph of Josie in clinic, connected to gear and with a meningitis rash covering her face and body is coursing via virtual entertainment, which is deplorable to see.

On March 22, Aston recognized a rash on her little girl’s arm. She promptly perceived those rashes as her significant other had likewise gotten similar ailment 19 quite a while back.

She took her to the emergency clinic and put her under treatment. The rashes vanished right away, yet she stayed in a state of insensibility for five days. She actually has rashes in certain pieces of her body, yet she is recuperating gradually and getting blood bondings and kidney dialysis in light of the news.

What Is Josie Alexandra Age?- Find Her Photo On Instagram Josie Alexandra, age 18, is battling with her wellbeing in the emergency clinic, according to the photos seen on Instagram. Her mom had shared an image of her in her profile which gave refreshes about her wellbeing.

Nonetheless, we didn’t observe Josie’s IG profile. Accordingly, there isn’t tremendously been aware of her.

Source: TG Time

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