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Rick Ness is most known for his role in the American reality series Gold Rush; now, he is in a relationship with Leese Marie after being separated from his former wife, Jen Ness.

Rick began his television career in 2012 when he joined the Parker Schabel-led Gold Rush crew, but people already knew he possessed the charm to succeed independently.

Rick founded his own mining company in Season 9 of Gold Rush, and he hasn’t looked back since. The reality TV star has a lot going on, and there’s a lot to learn about him. We’ve discovered some fascinating details about the actor, which we’ll examine, including his relationship status. Let’s get started.

Rick Ness Former Wife

Jen Ness was Rick Ness’s wife. However, the 40-year-old reality star and his ex-wife have split up. Rick resumed his dating life after his divorce from his former wife, Jen. Lesse M Arie, his new girlfriend, and he are now in a happy relationship.

The pair made their relationship public recently, but it hasn’t been a pleasant experience for them. They were both subjected to a barrage of body shaming and bullies. The majority of them were harmful. Rick Ness used social media to put a stop to all of the bullies.

Rick Ness Girlfriend 2021

Leese Marie, alias Leese M Arie, is Rick Ness’s current girlfriend. Rick and Leese have been dating for about a year now. After being together for so long, Rick and Ness declared their relationship through social media on November 16th, 2020.

Rick said that his girlfriend would be on the show when he confirmed his spot in Gold Rush.

There isn’t a lot of information on Leese available. She is, however, reported to be from Wisconsin. When Rick and Leese made their relationship public, they received a lot of opposition. The internet made fun of them.

They were mainly mocked for their appearance and physique. They were subjected to body shaming. The pair has received a lot of negative feedback. Rick pulled off his social media to prevent the trolling after receiving so much hate. Leese is expected to appear in Season 12 of Gold Rush.

Rick Ness Age Gap With His Girlfriend And Former Wife

Rick Ness’s Age is 40 where as his former wife Jen ness age is 49; therefore, they have nine years age difference.

Rick’s new girlfriend, Leese, will make an appearance in Season 12 of Gold Rush. Rick’s new girlfriend, Leese, was the subject of little speculation.

Today, it is known that she was born on October 25th, which makes her a Scorpio.

So we aren’t sure about the exact age gap between Rick and Leese.

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