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Rachelle Vinberg is an entertainer, skateboarder, and YouTube sensation. Her skating capacity drove her to fame as an entertainer and YouTube celebrity.

Bio & Early life

Rachelle Vinberg, a skateboarder, got birthed on August 27, 1998, on Long Island, New York. Vinberg had two siblings, one younger and the other older. Her dad is from the United States, while her mom is from Colombia. Rachelle’s parents divorced when she was a child. Vinberg became interested in skating when she was 12 years old after witnessing a relative skate and do feats. She was born with the astrological sign of Virgo.

Vinberg’s cousin also bought her a skateboard, and she has been expanding her skateboarding enthusiasm ever since. Vinberg has been challenging gender stereotypes since she was a child, developing abilities such as skating and football that go beyond the typical notions of what women can and cannot accomplish.

Rachelle Vinberg
Image Source : ASOS
Full Name Rachelle Vinberg
Date of Birth August 27, 1998
Birth Place Long Island, New York
Age 23 years (2022)
Nationality American
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings N/A
Occupation Youtuber, Stakeboarder
Body Measurement N/A
Ethnicity N/A
Zodiac Virgo
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 54 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eyes Color Brown
Religion N/A
Relationship Status Dating
Spouse(s)/Partner(s) Toby
Children N/A
Net Worth approx. $2 million


Rachelle Vinberg attended Brooklyn College and studied cinema, however it is unknown whether she obtained a diploma. She’s also interested in developing screenplays.

Body stats

Rachelle Vinberg stands at a height of 5 feet and 5 inches. It weighs 119 pounds (54 kg). Unfortunately, information on her other bodily measurements is presently unavailable. She has brown hair with same colored set of eyes.

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Rachelle Vinberg has acted in numerous pictures, however a movies that rose to notoriety and wide acknowledgment internationally is Skate Kitchen. Skate Kitchen (2018), chief Crystal Moselle’s introduction highlight film, depended on the existence of a certified young lady’s skate pack in New York City. Camille, played by Vinberg, was the primary person.

Rachelle Vinberg’s Instagram handle, where she promoted the fame of her all-young lady crew, propelled the film’s title.The HBO series follows a changed gathering of young adult female skateboarders as they explore their lives in the generally male-ruled universe of skating.

It’s a side project of the 2018 Skate Kitchen, digging further and farther into the universe of female skateboarders and including essentially a similar cast group. The series debuted in 2020 and ran for six episodes in its underlying season.

Rachelle Vinberg
Image Source : Ramezcla

In season two, Betty keeps a similar environment of Skate Kitchen and the primary period of Betty, with minor changes, for example, puffy coats for fall and the vital veil because of the pandemic.

The subsequent season was shot in New York City during the crisp cold weather a very long time while the city was under lockdown. Essentially, then again, the entertainers found it more trustworthy to skate around on the abandoned roads.

Net worth

Rachelle Vinberg’s acting and skateboarding careers have brought her a lot of success. Rachelle plus has a YouTube channel where she receives brand endorsements and partnerships. Her net worth is estimated to be approximately $2 million.

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Rachelle is in a loving relationship with Toby, who is a skateboarder as well. They have identical spectacles, long hair, and heavy brows, and on Instagram, people occasionally wonder if he’s her lover or brother.

Rachelle Vinberg
Image Source : Youtube

Social media presence

Vinberg is a skateboarding phenomenon who is well-known among a wide spectrum of individuals due to her abilities and acting career. Rachelle seems to be quite active on social media with more than 30 thousand providing videos and photographs of her skateboarding.

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