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Milad Rouf, born to Persian-origin parents, has received a sentence of 11 years in prison for throwing acid on his ex-girlfriend at Brighton.

Milad Rouf is a former medical student and entrepreneur who is the founder and director of DocBot.

Presently, he is a convicted criminal who threw sulphuric acid over his former girlfriend Rym Alaoui after she broke up with him, according to BBC.

The victim and the assailant met while studying medicine at Cardiff University and subsequently began dating. But, she ended their relationship and moved to Brighton.

The attack occurred six weeks later in May. Ms. Alaoui has undergone five surgeries and is now left with life-changing injuries.

She still cannot see in one eye and is constantly in physical and psychological pain. She said the attack has robbed her of her young adult life and a career which she’s not sure is available to her anymore.

Who Are Milad Rouf Parents? Their Name origin

Milad Rouf is the son of Persian-origin parents but their names are not yet revealed. He resided in Newport Road, Roath, Cardiff.

As of now, Rouf’s parents have not come forward and have not released any statement about their son in public.

The authorities are probably keeping their identities confidential under the current circumstances.

Milad Rouf: Brighton Acid Attack Details On Reddit

Brighton acid attack has become sensational news on Reddit and all social media platforms.

On May 20, Milad Rouf knocked on Dr. Rym Alaoui’s door. He had disguised himself into a black woman using padded clothing and makeup.

He was wearing a face mask, sunglasses, a face visor, and was dressed in black. The disguise worked because Alaoui did not recognize him when she opened the door.

At first, Rouf handed her a note, which seemed to threaten her roommate. When she bent her head to read the note, he poured the sulphuric acid over her body and ran away.

The acid was so strong that it managed to scorch the paintwork of her front door.

Alaoui has sustained life-altering injuries to the skin on her face, neck, and arm. She is also unable to close her eyelids and move her neck.

Milad Rouf Age And Wikipedia

Judge Christine Laing QC has sentenced Milad Rouf, age 25, to 11 years in prison.

She said Rouf’s action was motivated solely by jealousy and anger at being rejected.

She further added Rouf had planned the whole attack several weeks prior and was completely aware of its consequences.

He knew what he was doing was wrong and still chose to go through with it. The judge said he has shown no remorse.

Is Milad Rouf Arrested/ Going To Jail?

As we mentioned above, Milad Rouf is arrested and is going to jail for fifteen years in total.

Aside from the 11 years, Rouf will also serve four years on license.

He should serve at least two-thirds of his sentence before being eligible for parole.

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