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Who Is Chavoita LeSane? Richard Williams Son – How Is He Related To Serena Williams? Net Worth – Find out more insiders into LeSane below!

Chavoita LeSane is a translator and caregiver of Richard Williams.

Williams is the renowned tennis coach and mainly the father of Venus and Serena Williams, two of the greatest tennis players.

Williams’s poor health has bombarded the global news recently.

Moreover, the caretaker, LeSane has garnered all the attention due to his unique relationship with the legendary coach.

Who Is Chavoita LeSane? Meet Richard Williams Son 

Chavoita LeSane is the official translator of Richard Williams as he has speaking difficulties.

To the surprise, LeSane is confirmed to be the son of Williams from his unknown relationship.

Williams is known for his many relationships outside his marriage and many children born from them.

LeSane has devoted himself to the caretaking of his father and also working as his translator.

Thus, it is pretty sure for him to take the spotlight given his relationship with Williams.

Moreover, what has taken aback the netizens is LeSean’s past criminal record starting from 1998.

According to Daily Mail UK, LeSean has been hit with a total of 61 civil, domestic relations, and criminal charges in the last 23 years.

Chavoita LeSane is related to Serena Williams as they both share the same father.

LeSane was born to one of the many relationships of Richard Williams while, Serena and Venus were born to his wife, Brandi Williams.

However, Richard and Brandi got divorced in 2002. 

He then remarried for the third time with Lakeisha Graham, with whom he has a young son, Dylan, born in 2012.

His marriage with Lakeisha also ended in divorce, and LeSane has turned himself to be with the elderly Richard.

Chavoita LeSane Age: How Old Is He?

Chavoita LeSane’s current age is 48 years old as of 2021, per our sources.

Meanwhile, we have yet to obtain complete knowledge of his birth date at the moment.

Despite his age and family duties, he is keen on taking care of his frail father, Richard Williams.

Meet Chavoita LeSane Wife

Chavoita LeSane has not revealed much about his marital life, including his wife’s identity.

It is known that he is a father to two young boys though, any precise particulars on his partner are not displayed.

Known for his tussle with the law that mainly involves domestic violence, it can be said that LeSean is not on good terms with his former partners.

Follow Chavoita LeSane On Instagram

The mystery son of Richard Williams, LeSean has a notable presence on Instagram under the username @chavoitalesane.

He often uploads pictures with his father from where netizens can take a good look at Williams’s ongoing health condition.

Williams is facing quite a hard time due to his poor health, as seen in the recent posts.

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