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Who Is Dr. Chan Herng Nieng? Ms. Serene Tiong, Dr. Chan’s alleged girlfriend, has made severe claims against him. In the district court, there is a legal activity going on.

Chan’s girlfriend is attempting to sue him in court, claiming that Dr. Chan freely gave extremely addictive medications to her. According to the doctor’s girlfriend, he provided extremely addictive medications to her for anxiety but failed to register her as a patient.

In the meantime, she has taken the case to court and is attempting to sue him. This topic, on the other hand, has picked up speed in order to propagate as widely as possible on social media platforms.

Similarly, people have been scouring news sections for further information on the subject. If you’re looking for the same information, you should read this column all the way through and pay attention to every area.

Dr. Chan’s ex-girlfriend said she became hooked to his prescription medications, which he provided her under the guise of depression meds. Dr. Chan, she claims, gave her Xanan medication, which is highly addictive and has significant adverse effects such as violence and lethargy. Dr. Chan Herng Nieng was accused of providing her medications without informing her that she could get addicted to them. Continue reading to learn more about Tiong and Chan’s relationship.

Dr. Chan’s girlfriend is 43 years old, according to sources, while the doctor is 47 years old at this time. The trial was set for Tuesday, April 19, 2022, in which she alleged that he caused her unspecified harm. Dr. Chan’s girlfriend’s lawyer testified in court that his client was more vulnerable since she was in a relationship with the doctor and blindly trusted him. Ms. Tiong also suffered an emotional and spectacular mental breakdown, according to the lawyer, when she came across Dr. Chan’s WhatsApp communication with his surgeon friend Julian Ong. What was said in the conversation? Look at the next section to learn more.

Dr. Chan had a conversation with his surgeon friend, according to Ms. Tiong’s lawyer, in which the two men boasted about Dr. Chan’s s3xual relationship with Ms. Tiong. In response, Dr. Chan’s lawyer, Ms. Rebecca Chew, refuted all of the claims with counter-responses. Following the next hearing, further information will be released.

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