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Gwendolyn Campbell Wiki

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Who is Gwendolyn Campbell ?

A JP Morgan Chase financial adviser is suing the banking giant for allegedly allowing male staff to steal clients from her and barring her from key meetings.

Gwendolyn Campbell filed a lawsuit against the largest bank in the United States alleging that she had discriminated against her for being a woman.

The 53-year-old mother of two, who works from her home in California because she is immunocompromised, criticized the bosses in the lawsuit for “taking advantage of her.”

She also wrote a brutal post in the outlet in which she criticizes “a complete lack of control and accountability at the bank when it comes to discrimination issues.”

Campbell’s $1.1 billion New York-based financial advisory group was recruited from Merrill Lynch in 2020.

The financial advisor with more than 30 years of experience cited JPMorgan’s wealth management and unique career prospects as reasons to join.

Campbell said that for the roughly two years after joining JPMorgan Chase

Campbell said that for the roughly two years after joining JPMorgan Chase, she has been subjected to discrimination and misogyny.

She claimed the bank bribed clients with loans to get away from her and obstructed her requests for client resources.

“Where that was not enough, J.P. Morgan began to de-resource Campbell, excluding her from client meetings and term sheets, ostracized and harassed her, and interfered with the performance of her work for clients,” he says. the demand.

One client even told the financial adviser that watching the ostracism “was like watching the movie ‘Sleeping with the Enemy,’ where a woman had to fake her own death to escape an abusive relationship,” Campbell’s attorneys said.

In an April 29 medium post, Campbell wrote that JP Morgan recruited her for her clients, over $1 billion in assets, millions of dollars in fees and experience.

‘Millisecond. Campbell’s EEOC filing against JP Morgan outlines a complete lack of control and accountability at the bank when it comes to issues of discrimination, harassment, and respect and basic human decency,” her attorneys told CBS.

“The fact that the alleged conduct has continued for over a year and a half without remedy is appalling.”

Campbell filed a restraining order in an earlier attempt to prevent her co-workers from contacting her clients, but a judge denied the request in December.

JPMorgan declined to comment

JPMorgan declined to comment on the ongoing court proceedings but noted the denied request in a statement to CBS.

“A federal court has already ruled on many of these matters,” the company was quoted as saying. “As we have previously communicated, we will investigate any escalated employee concerns.”

Campbell’s attorneys argued in the filing that his professional reputation has been irretrievably tarnished.

JP Morgan “has used his power and financial might to try to crush Campbell, destroy his career and suppress information about his illegal and retaliatory acts,” they said.

‘As the sole breadwinner for his family and the sole financial supporter of his children’s medical needs, Campbell understood that J.P. Morgan would stop at nothing…’

Campbell, who says she has been recognized by Barron’s, Forbes, The Financial Times and Working Mother Magazine for her career achievements, said she hopes justice will prevail.

Gwendolyn Campbell Quick and Facts

  • Gwendolyn Campbell, 53, filed a lawsuit Friday with California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) against the banking giant 
  • Campbell said that JPMorgan discriminated against her because she is a woman 
  • Campbell’s $1.1 billion financial group was recruited from Merrill Lynch in 2020
  • Her lawyers argued in the court filing that Campbell told her employer she was immunocompromised and was as single mother of two children with disabilities
  • The suit alleges that JPMorgan agreed to provide accommodations and later took advantage of ‘her vulnerable position,’ harming her career irreparably

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