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Blackpink Makes History On The Streaming Songs Chart With Their Latest Single

Blackpink is back with new music, and after waiting a year to hear what the group had cooked up in the studio, fans around the world didn’t hesitate to consume their latest single in whatever way they could.

“How You Like That,” the first taste of their forthcoming debut full-length (expected in just a few months) opens as the second-bestselling song in the nation as well as one of the most popular titles on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple AAPL Music.

The cut enjoys a lofty debut on Billboard’s Streaming Songs chart, which ranks the most-played tunes across all streaming platforms, one rarely seen by South Korean acts. Thanks to an impressive number of plays in just the first seven days it was available, the song has helped the four women who comprise Blackpink make history. 

“How You Like That” opens at No. 18 on the Streaming Songs chart, resetting the record for the highest-charting tune by a South Korean girl group, which was previously owned by different Blackpink smashes.

Before this week, two Blackpink tracks were tied for the honor of being the highest-charting releases in the history of the Streaming Songs chart. More than a year ago, their solo effort “Kill This Love” lifted as high as No. 22, which then stood as the loftiest placement achieved by a South Korean girl group. That tune bested their previous release, 2018’s “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” which became the first track by an all-female vocal act from the Asian country to break into the top 40 on the streaming-only list.

Just a few weeks ago, Blackpink tied their own best showing when “Sour Candy,” their collaboration with Lady Gaga, also lifted to No. 22. 

Blackpink is now the first South Korean girl group to reach the top 20 on the Streaming Songs tally, and with more music coming later this summer, they could score another big win in just a few weeks. At this point, they don’t face any real competition on many Billboard charts, especially on the streaming-only ranking.

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