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The 2022 Masters golf tournament at Augusta National is in full swing.

The tournament has welcomed back the sports biggest star in Tiger Woods, who was by-far the most wagered on player at the tournament.

Another item the tournament has brought back is it multi-million-dollar prize money. The total prize money for golfers at the 2022 Masters is $15 million total, an increase from last year’s $11.5 million.

The winner will get $2.7 million this year, compared to $2.07 million last year.

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According to The Augusta Chronicle, here are the total prize money allocations for the winner and top 50 players at the Masters:

Total purse: $15 million

1st: $2,700,000
2nd: $1,620,000
3rd: $1,020,000
4th: $720,000
5th: $600,000
6th: $540,000
7th: $502,500
8th: $465,000
9th: $435,000
10th: $405,000
11th: $375,000
12th: $345,000
13th: $315,000
14th: $285,000
15th: $270,000
16th: $255,000
17th: $240,000
18th: $225,000
19th: $210,000
20th: $195,000
21st: $180,000 
22nd: $168,000 
23rd: $156,000 
24th: $144,000 
25th: $132,999 
26th: $120,000 
27th: $115,500 
28th: $111,000 
29th: $106,500 
30th: $102,000
31st: $97,500
32nd: $93,000 
33rd: $88,500
34th: $84,750 
35th: $81,000 
36th: $77,250 
37th: $73,500 
38th: $70,500 
39th: $67,500 
40th: $64,500 
41st: $61,500 
42nd: $58,500 
43rd: $55,500
44th: $52,500 
45th: $49,500 
46th: $46,500 
47th: $43,500 
48th: $41,100 
49th: $39,000 
50th: $37,800

The final round of the Masters on Sunday can be seen on CBS and Paramount+.

Source: This post first appeared on http://marketwatch.com/

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