Media Organizations Are Turning To Cloud Staffing Solutions To Aid Post-Covid Recovery
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It became clear, long before the pandemic began to wane, that the landscape of the American workplace was going to change for good. The massive swing towards remote working that has since occurred now has the American workplace operating at almost a 50:50 ratio with about 50% working remotely.

As the media industry restructures its workplace, there is a sense that few sectors have benefitted massively from this shift. While many argue that companies that create teleconferencing tools like Zoom and Microsoft

have been the greatest beneficiaries, Lloyd Ernst, CEO of Cloudstaff, insists that in the long run, cloud staffing solutions may be seen to be the most significant contributors towards post-covid recovery as well as the biggest winners in the significant shift towards remote work.

Ernst has built a reputation over his 37 years career for identifying trends and positioning himself to take advantage of them beforehand.

The former Microsoft employee said on the shift, “Even I could not predict the pandemic, no one saw it coming, but it dawned on me that for years Cloudstaff and other big players in our industry were preparing for this perfect storm, we just didn’t know it.”

The perfect storm

Teleconferencing tools have been incredibly critical for media organizations to keep going. Other industries – like education – depended on these tools to stay open, and businesses relied on them to get a lot of work done.

However, as the dust settles and remote work becomes the new normal, Ernst argues that media businesses are beginning to realize that what they need are not just tools, but help; “This change in the workplace has left a lot of leaders reeling, reconstituting an effective workforce is not something tools alone can do.”

“The best cloud staffing solutions provide production companies and studios with tools, but also make the learning curve less steep by doing the bulk of the heavy lifting with regards to hiring, hosting, and management of remote staff.”

The need for remote work has also coincided with the great resignation and growing inflation. This has created a strong need for businesses to cut costs while attracting top-notch talents, two things that are usually impossible to do at once. However, it creates just the problem that cloud staffing solutions exist to solve.

Inflation and the need for reduced cost

Inflation worldwide is about to be exacerbated by the rising price of oil caused mainly by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The cost of running a business will undoubtedly shoot up, and businesses have to tighten their purse strings to survive.

The cost of hiring and maintaining a single employee is not cheap by any means; training costs alone are a significant investment that businesses often have to make to maintain top-notch staff.

Cutting the cost of employee hiring and management has always been one of the main selling points for cloud staffing companies, and Ernst explains that it is also the chief reason that they are rising significantly in popularity in 2022.

“We have been serving customers in Australia, America and all around Asia since 2009, growing to above 2500 staff. However, we have never seen such a significant spike in interest as we are now witnessing. Businesses seem turned on by the idea of paying a simple subscription and having us match, train and host their remote staff.”

“We do most of the maintenance, we also provide insurance as well as the hardware and software that the remote staff need to do the work. It’s truly a win-win for our industry and our customers.”

The Great Resignation

Media companies that are still learning to leverage the remote workforce need all the help they can get at such a critical time. Those who have leveraged a remote workforce need a cost-effective way to scale them, and these things have not been easy to achieve with employees opting out of work at the rate that they are in countries like the U.S.

Teleconferencing tools may have seen a significant boom during the pandemic. Still, many trends indicate that cloud staffing may be a solution some turn to as the world moves towards full recovery.

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