Wordle Today Hint, Answer, Clues For Thursday October 6th — Word Of The Day #474
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I’m beat. Thanksgiving can really take it out of you. A day of chaos and food prep followed by over-eating and then lots and lots of clean-up—though, to be fair, I didn’t do most of that. I helped here and there but mainly I just played host.

I wasn’t supposed to be the host, is the thing. I was supposed to be a guest. But seriously insane wind gusts knocked down some powerlines, and the power went out at my parent’s house pretty much the entire day. With no power, the Thanksgiving feast needed a new home, so everybody came over here in stead.

It all worked out and everyone had a good time, but it made a chaotic day even more chaotic and stressful. Worth it, of course, for such a delicious spread and fun times with family.

Anyways, let’s Wordle!

Today’s Wordle Solution (With Spoilers!)

The Hint: Tom and Jerry were imitated by a pair that included this word.

The Clue: This word begins with a vowel.

The Answer:

That’s a bit of a tough word. A bit trickier when the vowels are at the front and back only, and ‘Y’ can throw you for a loop. Still, four isn’t bad.

I picked tired for my opening guess because that’s how I feel. Bone-tired. Beat up and ready to sleep! This got me down to just 58 possible remaining solutions.

From here, flint slashed that number to just 7 and stoic to just one. Since I’d eliminated the second, third and fourth boxes for ‘I’ and since so few words end with ‘I’ I was pretty confident it would be in the opening box. But the first word I wanted to use—irate—was a no-go thanks to tired.

At last, I came up with itchy. I think it’s a good thing it took me a while to get there. That means all the mosquitos are elsewhere and I’m not thinking about the itchiness at the moment. Given how cold it’s been, this makes sense. Winter is coming.


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