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Ahoy there! It’s Saturday! Weekend Wordle Warriors have a reasonably tricky word today, though if you happened to use the Wordle Bot’s preferred word you will have gotten a couple of the letters for today’s Wordle on your first try.

It took me four guesses to get today’s word, which is pretty average. I went through the Wordle Bot’s analysis of my guesses and while it had some criticisms it also called one of my guesses a “solid choice” and another “both lucky and smart” so that’s pretty good!

It’s kind of fun to have the Wordle Bot help guide your strategy, but if you want some other tips and suggestions on how to get your Wordle game on track, I have written my own guide as well.

Okay, let’s check out today’s Wordle!

Today’s Wordle #301 Answer & Hint

Prior to rushing into battle, I must warn you word-weary-warriors: Spoilers ahead!

First, though, a hint:


You can find two of these on your face, and two more down below.


Cheek! Oh you cheeky bastard! Two on your face and two down below the belt—on your butt!

My first guess was a pretty solid starting word, but there’s no doubt that crane would have served me better than stare. My second guess ruled out another vowel as well as the ‘Y’ and a couple other common letters, but I was still rolling with just one correct letter, still in the wrong spot.

Queen ended up being the perfect third guess (though Wordle Bot recommended wheel instead) and left me with apparently just two possible answers. Cheek and something else. Not sure what and I don’t care to figure it out. It’s the weekend! It’s time to go play some Elden Ring!

Have a terrific Saturday, young padawans! See you on the flipside!

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Source: Forbes

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