"Crazy Woman" Debbie Aguero Takes Camel Ride with Oussama on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way Sneak Peek
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On last week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Oussama blindsided Debbie.

She had packed up her life to move to be with him. Suddenly, Oussama confessed that he was not ready to marry her … and expected her to return to the United States after a while.

Debbie felt hurt and devastated. But, apparently, she wasn’t ready to throw in the towel.

How do we know? Because this sneak peek of Sunday’s episode features Debbie riding a camel on the beach. She’s in Morocco, and Oussama has a lot to say about it.

According to People‘s report, one scene on Sunday’s Season 4, Episode 8 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way will show Debbie Aguero on the beach.

She and Oussama seem to be enjoying themselves. Perhaps they managed to reach an agreement, or at least make peace after that ugly dinner.

Regardless, Debbie is thoroughly unable to conceal her delight when a camel walks by.

“Oh my God, I’ve always wanted to ride a camel!” Debbie declares with unchecked glee.

That’s right. She doesn’t just want to see the camel. And she only starts with a request to pet the camel. Debbie wants a ride.

“Do they got a seatbelt?” Debbie then asks. It does not appear that they did.

Debbie went on to offer the most sexually charged string of words that we have ever heard her utter. But while she was talking about the camel, she did not mean it in that sense.

“He’s big and he’s thick and he’s down on his knees and I’m thinking, How can I get up over him?” she explains to the camera.

Recalling this to the confessional, Debbie continues: “So I’m willing myself: I am getting on this camel come hell or high water, and I’m going on a camel ride on the beach in Morocco.”

Debbie does, in fact, climb aboard. The 67-year-old finds that riding a camel on the sandy beach is not at all like riding a horse on solid ground.

While camels do not come equipped with seatbelts, she did find the next best thing. Or, at least, she found something.

Debbie found herself clinging to Oussama for dear life. Her 24-year-old love was not necessarily the sturdiest of handholds, but country girls make do, as they say.

Debbie exclaims “Oh Oussama, you’re so skinny to hold on to” while clinging ot him for dear life.

As the camel walks — very calmly on the sand, led by humans — Debbie screams.

Oussama refers to her as a “crazy woman.” But it seems to be affectionate, rather than derogatory.

“Debbie, when she ride[s] the camel, I feel very, very funny and very happy,” Oussama expresses to the confessional camera.

“She just lets the inner girl inside of her get alive again,” he tries to explain of her over-the-top behavior.

“She is crazy, but this the reason why makes me love her,” Oussama then comments. “Because I’m crazy, too.”

Meanwhile, Debbie cannot shake how different this experience is from riding on horseback.

Debbie likens riding a camel (on the beach sand, no less) to being on a “teeter-totter … something very unstable.” She’s swaying like it, too.

“I’m hanging on to Oussama, who is no bigger than a toothpick,” Debbie describes. “I’m clinging to him for dear life, but I’m not getting off the camel, man. I’m going on my camel ride.”

It sounds like she had a lot of fun.

There is a lot to be said about all of this … but we’ll see the scene in full context (or near enough) when the episode airs on Sunday.

In the mean time … we’re glad that Debbie got to check a camel ride off of her list. We hope that she had fun.

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