Kody Brown Admits He and Robyn Are "Basically Monogamous" at This Point
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Kody Brown has some good news to deliver to single women around the country:

He isn’t coming for you after all!

The father of 18 has basically been dumped by three spouses over the course of the last year or so… as Christine walked away in November 2021; Janelle did the same in December 2022; and then Meri and Kody confirmed the termination of their marriage this past January.

That leaves Kody and his legal wife, Robyn Brown, as the only remaining couple in this previously-polygamous household.

Will they be looking to expand their family any time soon?

Is Kody really in the market for a new partner to boss around?

It doesn’t sound that way.

“Robyn and I are basically monogamous. Don’t let that out, that’s probably a spoiler, but it seems obvious with the new season coming,” the TLC star said isn a Cameo video on March 22.

Kody and Robyn Brown don’t look especially thrilled to be sitting and talking to the Sister Wives camera here, do they?

Kody also quipped that he didn’t “have any recommendations” for the recipient of the video about becoming a polygamist, adding that he’s “not sure” if trying to talk your spouse into plural marriage is “a good idea.”

Gee, we wonder why not!

Back in early February, The Sun reported that Kody and Robyn actually met up in Mexico with a potential sister wife.

According to Pauline Bithell, co-host of the Tender Loving Care…? podcast, TLC cameras captured footage (for Sister Wives Season 18) of the culmination of a courtship that started a few months ago.

“They were actively seeking this woman through dating websites, which they claim they’ve never done before,” said Bithell in regard to Kody and Robyn.

The potential spouse was reportedly in her 20s, had never been involved in the polygamous lifestyle in America and is South American.

After spending time with Kody and Robyn down south, however, the woman supposedly felt “uncomfortable” and “told production she wanted to go home and didn’t want to continue filming.”

Added this podcast host:

“Apparently, my source tells me that this woman wanted zero to do with Kody and Robyn.

“She was pretty much wanting to get out of the situation immediately.

“My source said that she was very uncomfortable with the whole situation. She said she didn’t like their energy.”

Robyn, meanwhile, said in the past that she actually craved the polygamous lifestyle.

“If I wanted to live monogamy, I could have,” Robyn said on air two months ago.

“I mean, it’s not like I had no other choices. I could have had a very happy, successful relationship with some other men. It’s just the truth, I’m sorry!

“I hate saying it because it sounds like I’m, like, bragging or something, but I’m not. It’s just, this is the truth.”


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