Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown Are OVER, Kelly Accused of "Choke-Slamming" Molly's Daughter Olivia
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Last year, 90 Day Fiance alum Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown seemed to be going strong.

With the new cast of couples on The Other Way and other ongoing drama in the franchise, they nearly slipped beneath the radar.

But there have been some recent hints that Molly and Kelly are no more. Now, it’s confirmed.

And things are worse than anyone had imagined. A text message appears to show Kelly confessing to having “choke-slammed” Molly’s daughter.

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The hints have been popping up since last autumn. But it’s safe to say that no one knew just how bad things really were.

In Touch Weekly spoke to Molly Hopkins’ manager, Dominique Enchinton, to confirm the split.

“Close to Thanksgiving 2022, Molly decided it was best for her to end her relationship with Kelly,” Dominique shared.

Dominique explained that this was “due to unhealthy stressors, challenges, and odd aggressive behavior.”

“Many of these concerns were becoming more visible and frequent,” she elaborated. It was happening both “privately and during public appearances.”

According to Dominique: “These concerns began shortly after Kelly’s retirement and his relocation to Georgia to be near Molly.”

Molly’s rep then went on to share that Molly’s recent, dramatic weight loss — she shed 40 pounds — played a role.

Dominique characterized that the body transformation was a “struggle” for the couple. Why? Because “she began receiving attention and support from so many.”

In other words, it sounds like jealousy was an issue. But, clearly, there was more to it than that.

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Just a few days ago, Kelly took to his Instagram Story to share an email that he received from Molly’s young adult daughter, Olivia, in November of last year.

“This is what I had to deal with when I moved to Georgia,” Kelly wrote. He then accused: “But they will paint an innocent picture.”

In a seemingly tongue-in-cheek line, Olivia called herself a “spoiled person.” She called Kelly a “loser who think you’re not because you’re a cop.”

Unfortunately, she also body-shamed Kelly during the message. Body-shaming is never solely about the intended target, and is not okay.

At the end of the message, Olivia referred to Kelly as a “pussy ass” and then used a racial slur. (Olivia is biracial, so obviously her using this term as a Black woman is not the same as if, say, Molly had written this)

Dominique weighed in on the post, noting that she believes that Kelly posted this to “cause those involved distress, humiliation, and embarrassment.”

Molly Hopkins and Daughter Olivia
90 Day Fiance alum Molly Hopkins poses beside her adult daughter, Olivia Wrynn Hopkins, in this Instagram photo.

“The post contained annotations meant to lead people to form a negative perception of Olivia without all the facts being presented,” Dominique noted.

“Olivia’s efforts relating to the context within the exchange are that of an impressionable, passionate young woman who used her words and stood up for herself and her African American heritage,” she added. Ooh, nice save.

“As a mixed-race individual, Olivia is appalled that this one-time public servant, trusted by many, appears to be trying to ‘frame’ himself as a ‘victim,’” Dominique added. “There are two sides to every story, and in this matter, conversation.”

“This unfortunate behavior has been anticipated since Molly ended the relationship,” Dominique then commented.

Meanwhile, In Touch Weekly got a hold of a screenshot that appears to show Kelly confessing to having violently attacked Olivia. The message is from November of last year.

Just days after Olivia’s email, Kelly allegedly confirmed his split from Molly via a text message exchange with a friend of Molly’s, where he allegedly admitted to getting into a physical altercation with Olivia. 

“So Molly and I are over. I choked slammed Livie. I’m out. Keep in touch [sic],” he allegedly wrote. Horrific.

While that act of violence is statistically likely from the former NYPD officer, Kelly has denied being violent towards Olivia. At least, he has denied specific acts of violence against her.

“I never punched her or threatened her with any weapon,” Kelly insisted. “It’s over, I haven’t been near them since November.”

“I will also send a copy of the police report as this message was post him choking me & slamming me into a wall & there is much much more to the conversation,” Olivia wrote in an Instagram comment after Kelly “exposed” her email.

She also called out the misplaced allegations of racism against her (she is Black) and accused Kelly of threatening her and her boyfriend.

What an ugly situation. We hope that everyone remains safe.

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