Will Michael Ilesanmi Finally Leave Angela Deem?

After so many years in this toxic nightmare, Michael Ilesanmi finally considered leaving Angela Deem on the latest episode.

Some fans have their hopes up, especially after 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? showed Angela physically abusing Michael.

Others are less than confident that this harrowing marriage will end.

Is Michael walking away and finding someone new, who will respect and love him?

As Season 7, Episode 14 first showed Michael Ilesanmi and Angela Deem, they were en route to meet with his family.

Michael shared how his family had heard and, in part, witnessed her arrival at his home.

His neighbors had complained about the yelling and screaming when Angela’s nasty surprise visit led to her tearing at his car.

What’s more is that the show’s flashback included never-before-seen footage of Angela physically attacking Michael.

For years, viewers have cried foul over Angela’s verbal and emotional abuse of Michael. Her cruelty knows few limits.

This time, we saw physical abuse. She lunged at him, laying hands on him. Domestic violence is never acceptable.

If Angela does all of that on camera and in front of witnesses, what is she like when they are alone?

Many now wonder how many other moments the show has simply edited out? How many other assaults has production covered up?

Others are curious as to why the show shared this at the end of November, but not in September when we first saw the confrontation. Has there been a falling out between production and Angela? Many 90 Day Fiance fans want to see her gone.

In a truly twisted confessional, Angela insisted that Michael is to blame for her abuse.

(This is no surprise; it is common for abusers to blame their victims, accusing them of “setting them off”)

Angela claimed that Michael had “triggered” her, using language that someone with PTSD from abuse might use to describe why she had become violent. Sick stuff.

Angela and Michael sat down with Michael’s brother, Yekini.

He shared that, frankly, Michael’s family is peeved and concerned.

Angela’s behavior was totally unhinged — in any culture. This is hardly the first time that Angela has presented atrocious behavior.

Meanwhile, Michael was eager to show off his newly acquired swimming skills.

We saw him practicing in the pool earlier this season.

That practice paid off. He defied Angela’s expectations. That wasn’t difficult, since she clearly doubted him.

Unfortunately, viewers had to endure watching the two display their affection for one another.

As hard as this was for us to watch, our sympathies truly go out to Michael.

We want to emphasize that the revulsion that so many viewers have expressed is not over Angela’s looks. This is about who she is. Her character. Or lack thereof.

Michael had a reason for pouring on the charm with his wife.

He explained to the camera that he hoped that, if he wooed her enough, he could talk her out of visiting Billy.

Billy lives in Canada. He did TikTok duets with Angela before having flirty video calls with her. And he once went by the title of “Thief of Hearts.”

But Angela told Michael that, as always, she’s just going to do whatever the hell she wants.

She said that Billy is her friend, and that she is determined to visit and look after him. He has kidney disease.

Meanwhile, this is the same woman who banned Michael from having an Instagram account at all. But she gets to go stay with another man?

Angela decided to settle Michael’s nerves with a video call to Billy.

Maybe showing her handsome friend and how easily the two spoke and got along was not the best move.

Billy did his best to show Michael that he doesn’t have any “intentions” … but Michael seems more worried about Angela.

Michael revealed to Billy that Angela “had” a crush on him. (She keeps insisting that the crush is gone now. Sure)

Angela seemed to feel embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Billy let a little nickname slip … and that sent Michael over the edge.

Billy called Angela “Angel.” Hardly the flirtiest thing that they’ve said to each other, but it’s a pet name.

Michael was pissed. “Angel, my ass,” he declared.

Angela objected to Michael’s reaction. But then, she’s the one who called one of his friends and admonished the woman for, what, existing? So she’s not one to talk.

Angela told Michael firmly that she is going to visit Billy. If he doesn’t like that, he can just divorce her.

Michael stood up and walked off, checking out of the conversation.

But, speaking to the confessional camera, he admitted that this might be the best idea for him.

Obviously, leaving Angela would be a great decision on Michael’s part.

But certain 90 Day Fiance spoilers indicate that Michael and Angela are still together and that she has returned to Nigeria.

Still, we hope that Michael — like all others experiencing domestic abuse — is able to escape and, in time, recover. Trauma does lasting damage. No one deserves this.

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