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Stacy Keibler, former professional wrestler, and actress has had a diverse career in the entertainment industry. She was a contestant on the second season of Dancing with the Stars, where she came in third. She has also been on other ABC shows like “What About Brian,” “George Lopez,” and “October Road.” She also played a bartender on the 100th episode of “How I Met Your Mother” on CBS and “Psych” on the USA Network. Keibler has also been a model, and she has been in the magazines Maxim and Stuff.

She was called “The Legs of WCW” and “The Legs of WWE” at different times. Bruno Tonioli, one of the judges on Dancing with the Stars, called Keibler “The Weapon of Mass Seduction” while she was on the show.

But today, she is best known for her role as a wife and mother to her three children with tech entrepreneur Jared Pobre. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Keibler’s family life and her husband’s career.

Keibler And Pobre Got Married In A Surprise Beach Wedding In Mexico

Keibler surprised the world when she married Pobre at a beach wedding in Mexico in 2014. The couple had been friends for several years before they started dating in 2013, shortly after Keibler’s split from Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney. Keibler was overjoyed to have found her soulmate in Pobre, and she gushed about her happiness in an interview with People magazine.

All About Stacy Keibler's Husband And Their Relationship

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Meet Stacy Keibler’s Husband, Jared Pobre

Silicon Valley is where Jared Pobre grew up. Since he was born on February 22, 1975. He is one of Gladys Lowenstein and Joseph Pobre’s three kids. Audrey and Annabelle are his two sisters. In 1999, he got his bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Southern California.

He started Future Ads and is the company’s CEO. In 2001, he used only $500 to start the business. The business is in the business of online advertising, app distribution, and making money from games. He then won back-to-back Inc. 500 accolades, Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year for Technology award, and an American Business Award for Fastest Growing Company of the Year. He departed Future Ads in 2017.

All About Stacy Keibler's Husband And Their Relationship

Even though Pobre quit the company he started, he isn’t just sitting around. Pobre and Keibler went into business together. Caldera + Lab is a line of non-toxic skin care products for men. After Pobre and Keibler got married, they started spending half of their time in Los Angeles and the other half in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When they went from one climate to another, it dried out their skin. Stacy had a lot of “clean” skin care items she could use, but Pobre couldn’t find anything similar for males. The idea for Caldera + Lab came from this.

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The Couple Has Three Kids

Since their beach wedding in 2014, Keibler and Pobre have welcomed three children. Their first child, daughter Ava, was born in 2014, followed by son Bodhi in 2018, and another daughter in 2020. The family is now settled in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where they can enjoy the natural beauty and improve their health.

All About Stacy Keibler's Husband And Their Relationship

Keibler has been vocal about her decision to step back from the spotlight and prioritize her family. She has put her career on hold to focus on being a mother to her three children. For her, there’s nothing more important than her family.

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