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Amanda Byram is “still in awe” after giving birth.

Amanda Byram 'expanded emotionally and spiritually' during pregnancy

Amanda Byram ‘expanded emotionally and spiritually’ during pregnancy

The 48-year-old TV presenter and her husband Julian Okines welcomed their first child, son Phoenix Blaze Byram Okines, in November after a long fertility journey and Amanda admitted revealed she “expanded emotionally and spiritually” as her baby bump grew.

She shared a collage of pictures of herself throughout her pregnancy on Instagram and wrote: “GROWTH… Looking back I’m still in awe… How on earth did I grow this beautiful baby in my tummy?!?

“Thing is, I grew in more ways than one! And as my bump grew, so I expanded emotionally and spiritually to match.

“I had no idea of the capacity my heart had to feel such powerful love, determination, instinct and sheer gratitude.”

Amanda admitted she was also surprised at how happy she was to see her body change during pregnancy.

She explained: “Most of all I was surprised at how much I enjoyed watching my body change in a way that once upon a time would have terrified me.

“For years, even close friends had said I would hate being pregnant because I have an active lifestyle and they assumed I would feel trapped or anxious, but I found the opposite to be true. I wasn’t restricted in anyway and stayed active, fit and healthy throughout.

“Overall, I adored being pregnant. I was blessed with a healthy pregnancy – not a blessing I take for granted. I cherished every moment, even the morning sickness (which should be called 24/7 sickness!) because it was reassurance that he was there inside getting ready to change our lives forever.

“This year, I grew… into a mother… when the baby is born, the mother is born… (sic).”

Post source: Female First

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