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When attempting to find a trial spouse for the experiment, both guys that she spent the most time with, Nate Ruggles and Hunter Parr, got engaged and left early.

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Therefore, the Texas native decided to make the most of it and partnered with Colby Kissinger, who also had his interest leave early, engaged. She seemingly worked on herself during her time as she realized Jake wanted her to hear him more in their relationship.

Although April claimed she tried to change and continue with him, they argued over a guy she texted and videos she found of his trial spouse Rae Williams dancing.

April shared advice on ‘staying positive’

They ultimately decided to part at the finale, seemingly in part due to his connection with Rae. April admitted she and Jake attempted to work things out when the cast reunited before splitting for good.

April has become a fan-favorite throughout her time on the show as some appreciate her attitude. One follower asked her “secret to staying positive” in a recent Instagram Q&A session, and The Ultimate castmate answered, “trust me, you get what you give.”

She also included guidance her father gave her, “watch it, my child. The universe is listening to you.”

The reality star claimed she remembers the advice before reacting and chooses her words carefully as she believes in manifestation. “So focus on the positive and tune out the negative. Life is short,” she concluded.

She has since gone public with her new relationship

Shortly following the reunion, April and her new boyfriend went public with their romance. She introduced him to her over 390,000 followers in an Instagram post with a video featuring several clips of romantic moments together.

In a lengthy post, she thanked her beau for coming into her life, referring to him as the “most amazing man, boyfriend, partner & best friend I could ever ask for.”

She pointed out several reasons why she “fell in love with him” and named many things she appreciated about him. Her boyfriend, Cody Cooper, also announced their six-month relationship at the same time with a picture of them on a yacht.

He claimed they have since “traveled around the world” and moved in with each other in his short but sweet caption. Her ex, Jake, is seemingly single as it didn’t work out with Rae. He invited her on a destination trip during the finale, but it never happened as they wanted to give their previous relationships another chance. The Ultimatum is streaming on Netflix.

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