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Avantae Williams Girlfriend Name Revealed – Who Did He Assault?

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Avantae Williams girlfriend name is not revealed publicly yet. Have a look at Avantae’s net worth and age here.

Avantae is a professional football player. He played for Miami Hurricanes in NFL until they dismissed him recently.

Avantae Williams Girlfriend Name Revealed

Avantae Williams does not have his girlfriend’s name revealed yet.

The details about his current relationship are unknown at the moment. We have no clue if he is single or dating anyone as of now.

Actually, Williams got into trouble following his behavior toward his former partner. Avantae had assaulted his ex girlfriend when she was pregnant.

But the name and identity of the lady remain a mystery as of now. Avantae never shared anything about her with the public.

The two lived together in their house in West Kendall. As a matter of fact, the woman was pregnant for 31 weeks with Avantae’s child.

To point out, Avantae and his beau had heated discussions about him being romantically involved with another woman.

Soon, the freshman safety lost his temper when he saw her packing her things. Then, he threw her in the bet grabbing her hair.

Also, Avantae had her head hit the ground. She received medical support at West Kendall Hospital. 

Avantae Williams Net Worth

Avantae Williams’s net worth is a mystery for now.

William’s salary and earning details have not been disclosed publicly. In fact, his contract details are also confidential as of now.

Interestingly, he was known to be the no. 1 safety among the class of 2020. Avantae may not have a significant income as a football player as an NCAA athlete.

Besides, we are unaware if he had an alternative source of income to support his career.

Avantae Williams Age and Height – How Old Tall Is He?

Avantae Williams’s age is 18 years old.

Williams was born in Deland, Florida. Besides, his exact birth details are unavailable on the internet as of now.

Actually, Avantae is a graduate of Deland High School. Soon, he joined the University of Miami.

Likewise, Williams has a height of 6 feet tall.

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Is Avantae Williams Arrested?

Avantae Williams was arrested for domestic violence charges.

The Miami-Dade PD arrested him on Wednesday. He has three counts of aggravated battery of a pregnant person.

Besides, his bond is set to $10 thousand.

Source: Celebpie

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