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Ben and Erin Napier are the lead casts of the famous renovation show HomeTown on HGTV. They are an adorable couple whose chemistry and dedication to the art of renovation make the show a treat to watch. In late 2021, their show HomeTown is set to expand from Laurel, Mississippi, to several other states in the nation.

In this article, we discuss the couple’s net worth and provide details on their house.

Ben and Erin Napier net worth

Since 2016, HomeTown has been one of the best renovations shows on TV. Thanks to this, Ben and Erin Napier have amassed substantial wealth. As of 2021, the Ben and Erin Napier net worth is $5 million. To date, they have completed six amazing seasons with the show. They are only getting bigger as the news of the show’s expansion is spiraling up in the media.

Ben and Erin Napier Income Sources

Moreover, the couple also owns a woodshop and convenience store. The shop is named Scotsmangeneralstore and has 101k followers on Instagram in 2021. Ben showcases his creations from the side hustle on the show. They also use the products from their side business on the renovation works. It makes for an excellent advertisement and consumption of the products from Ben’s woodshop.

The couple has another shop, LaurenMercantile, which currently has 333k followers on the Instagram handle. The shop focuses on home appliances and decorative items. Erin is also a Graphics Designer. Thus, her interior designing and renovating houses have a solid foundation.

In addition to their work on the TV show, the couple has established decent side sources of income.


With Ben and Erin’s $5 Million net worth, it’s no surprise that they live in a lavish house. The celebrity couple lives in a stunning Craftsman Cottage in Mississippi. Since childhood, Erin had seen and admired the house in her neighborhood. And luckily enough, she bought it after the lady Mary Lyn (previous owner) decided to sell it.

Ben and Erin Napier Home Living Room

The house features a white picket fence that looks welcoming when combined with two adorable dogs that the couple owns. It also has a porch decorated with white columns. The patio gives a dreamy view of the trees in the yard and equips a square table where the couple spends their evenings. Ben suggests that it’s where Erin works on creative art and hosts romantic dinners.

Almost every room in the home has a white theme. The walls are decorated with photos of the family, and the ceiling features some antiques. They have loaded books on the shelves, and alluring carpets enhance the walkway further. Erin has a thing for the white color in interior decorations, and thus even the couch is white.

Furthermore, the living room is cozy and confined. Artistic lamps, decorative pieces, and an elegant table at the center are the main attractions of the living room.

The walls have built-in bookshelves. The dining room is in a primitive setting. Ben is not a fan of the primitive theme. However, Erin thinks it suits the overall theme of the house and takes pride in her decorations. Ben designed and crafted the dining table, and it was one of his first creations. The kitchen features a white theme with neatly placed furniture and shelves.

Overall, the renovation experts have decorated and designed their homes splendidly.

Source: This post first appeared on https://celebritydig.com

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