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Andrew Bone aka bone_andrew Is Banned On Twitter After Racist Tweet


Savills employee Andrew Bone, aka bone_andrew, recently got banned from Twitter for his racist tweets.

Andrew Bone worked at Savills’ Manchester offices.

Despite working for one of the reputed companies in the region, very little about Andrew is known to the web.

Well, as of now, he is trending all over the internet after he posted a racial tweet on his Twitter account.

Also, following that, he is receiving hate from the netizens for his unbearable mistake. Not only that but he is condemned by both FA and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The FA spokesperson said they are against such activities and give their full support to the victims.

What Was Andrew Bone Savills Racist Tweet?

Recently, Andrew Bone, aka bone_andrew, threw a shocker after he posted a racist tweet on his Twitter handle.

Though his tweet is already deleted; As per our researches, he tweeted, “N*****s ruined it for us” after Italy defeated England’s national side in the Euro finals.

As soon as the tweet was public, it gathers so much public attention that Andrew was terminated from his company as people urged for that.

Well, as we all know that racism is one of the most sensitive issues in this era as well and tweets like this coming from a person like Andrew are more hurtful.

Savills even said that they have zero tolerance for any sort of racial discrimination, and they are ready to take any action required against Andrew.

Also, many people are happy seeing this decision of the company.

Andrew Bone aka @bone_andrew Twitter Identity

Before this incident, Andrew Bone was active on Twitter as @bone_andrew.

However, as of now, his account is deleted. Not only that, but his Linkedin profile is also terminated.

Thus, currently, we can’t find Andrew on any of the social media platforms.

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