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How Much Is Ron Brierley Net Worth? Meet His Wife & Children On Instagram


How Much Is Ron Brierley Net Worth? Get all the latest information on him here below!

Ron Brierley is a notorious investor from New Zealand. With his amazing money-money techniques as an investor, he also gained infamy for his crimes.

Apparently, he has been sentenced to 14-months in prison by a Sydney court for the possession of thousands of images of pre-pubescent girls.

With his actions, the rich investing magnate has pled guilty to three charges of possession of child abuse material.

How Much Is Ron Brierley Net Worth?

Ron Brierley is estimated to hold a net worth of more than $220 million. The multi-millionaire paved his way through financial success and freedom through investing.

Thus, he has served in several executive positions of many companies throughout these years due to his investments.

Despite his rich status, he could not get away from the law and has been punished accordingly. He held nearly 47,000 pictures of prepubescent girls as young as 4 years old.

Some of the girls were dressed in a sexualized manner while most of the pictures were duplicated.

With his recent wrongdoings, he and his firms have been receiving backlash from the netizens mostly.

Meet His Wife and Children On Instagram

Ron Brierley has been never married and also did not opt for children thus, any deets on his wife and children are not on display.

Being a busy man and looking over his corporate businesses, Ron definitely understood that he did want a family.

Now that he is in his elderly age, he has landed in trouble but is helped by his close associates who work for him.

Learn More About Ron Brierley

Ron Brierley was born to a middle-class family in Wellington back on August 2, 1937.

He is currently 84 years old and is on his way to comply with his jail sentence.

He was arrested in Sydney for the cause in 2019 and he has been convicted as of today.

Regarding the case, Ron has admitted that he had a lifelong attraction to pre-pubescent girls.

The elderly Ron suffers from severe coronary artery disease, deterioration in his mobility, and vascular dementia. He is weak in legs thus, he walks with the help of a walking stick.

The news has bombarded the Australia-New Zealand corporate world and many notable corporate personalities have stated that Ron’s sentencing is befitting.

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