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Katie is an Intern at Foxsports, which was her dream job. The 22-year-old completed her graduation from the University of Illinois.

She is seen interviewing a player before their game on her Instagram; therefore, based on that, we can assume that she works in the sports industry.

Katie frequently posts photos of herself and her boyfriend named, Adrien Dumont de Chassart. He is a golfer for the Illinois men’s team.

Ashley Is The Youngest Member In The Family

Ashley Underwood is the third child of Brad, born on 2001 November 2, making her the family’s youngest member.

Since she is still enrolled at Miami University, she has a private Instagram account. However, we can see her photo from her family member’s Instagram accounts. 

Her sister recently posted a picture of her taking a family vacation to Alys Beach. The sister’s age difference is only one year. A strong bond exists among the three siblings.

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