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While most of us can only see with our two eyes, Brett Waterman has the right eye for most things Historical. He made a name of himself on the DIY Network where he hosts a show called Restored. Just like the name suggests, it’s a program that showcases Brett’s talent to restore vintage to their original architectural designs. As talented as he is, a quick search on him reveals he doesn’t have a Wikipedia yet, and that’s what we are here to fix. Here lie his full bio, career, age and married life.

Is Brett Waterman Married to wife?

As far as we are concerned, Brett has yet to reveal the woman who tickles his fancy. There is entirely no information regarding his wife, and it’s, therefore, next to impossible to deduce that he is married. He could as well be single without anyone’s knowledge.

Rummaging around his social media accounts also bore no fruits since we came back empty. His Facebook profile is that of a Business account and has nothing to show on his relationship status. Instagram is worse as he only uploads about work on set and nothing on his love life.

With close to 5K followers on Facebook and 3.3K on Instagram, there has to be a couple of ladies crushing on him. At this point, even rumors concerning his married status would be pleasant to work on. Sadly, there are none.

Restored star Brett Waterman Age, Height

There are usually a couple of things conspicuous about the TV star. For starters, his height is worth mentioning. Standing next to the clients and the rest of his team, Waterman is quite tall. His actual measurements are 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm).

Image of Brett Waterman height is 6 feet 4 inches

Brett Waterman height is 6 feet 4 inches

The TV host was born on May 18th, 1965 making his current age 53 years. He definitely looks like a guy in his early 50’s especially with the average body type he has. When it comes to Brett’s weight, only his nutritionist, diet planner and doctor are aware of the information. The rest of us will just have to use our eyes and make a wild guess.

Another conspicuous feature about the Restored star is his Cowboy hat. He rarely takes it off even when work gets him all sweaty. Nevertheless, we do know that he grooms his short hair and a little beneath that lie his blue eyes.

Brett Waterman Wikipedia, bio and career info.

Full Name Brett Waterman
Age 53
Date of Birth May 18th, 1965
Place of Birth Palm Springs, California
Profession Host, TV personality
Net worth Under review
Wife Unknown
Kids None
Height 6 feet 4 inches
Weight 172 pounds
Star Sign Taurus.

Brett first graced the world with his presence at Palm Springs, California. However, much of his early childhood got spent in Oklahoma where he did much growing up. Like much of the information on his bio, his Wikipedia summary is also non-existent which equals to zero information regarding his parents. Although, he has credited his father and grandfather on one too many occasions for the career path he chose.

The Preservationist went to college at UCLA in Los Angeles and majored in Political Science and History. This would explain why he is a master of make-under vintage house renovations. He took his passion and first stepped into the limelight in 2014 after rebuilding O’Melveny’s House located in Los Angeles. The DIY network contacted him with an opportunity to host their TV series, Backflip which he agreed.

The show debuted in 2015 spiraling his life into stardom. What followed next were several guest appearances in shows like Brother vs. Brother where he was judge, Others included, Property Brothers at Home, Home & Family and Restored which is his firm footing. The series premiered in January last year, with its second season airing early this year. They are currently filming the 3rd season.

Image of Brett Waterman net worth is not available

Brett Waterman net worth is not available

It is also worth mentioning that his net worth as of 2017 stood at the $800 thousand bar. 2018’s returns are still under review and will be updated as soon as it gets done.


It’s a shame that the guys at Wikipedia haven’t covered Brett Waterman’s bio in one of their pages yet. Maybe we’ll get to know more about his secret married life when they eventually do.

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