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NFL standout Charvarius Ward owes his success to his brother, Charvoun. He got into American football because of his older brother.

The 26-year-old 49ers had no interest in football at first. Charvarius was more of an introvert who liked to stay inside his house with his mother and read his favorite books instead of going outside and playing with his friends.

On the other hand, his brother Charvoun has been an athlete from an early age. He was all into football and dreamed of pursuing a career in it. Charvoun was playing football for his high school at McComb High School.

But the only hurdle he faced while playing was his body. He was not big enough to compete in higher ranks. And one day, when his assistant coach for McComb, Dedrick Johnson, saw his small brother Charvarius, he was convinced he could be a bigger star as his robust build body was more suited to play football.

Johnson asked their mother, Tanya Ward, about Charvarius. But she laughed and said he was not into sports and would not play. However, Johnson did not give up. Charvoun was an excellent player, but his diminutive stature was not helping. Only if he were a little big, then would Charvoun still be playing football.

Agreeing with the fact, Charvarius showed up for the spring ball game. But, after two days of doing that, he decided to stop doing it. He considers himself to be an introvert, lacking in social skills.

He showed up a few times before leaving, giving a new reason for leaving each time. At one point, he said that he could not go on because he was homesick for his mother and could not be away from her for a long time.

His brother Charvoun helped. If his brother has what Charvarius has, then his would be a whole different story. Charvarius found a motive. He wanted to do this for his brother, and so he did.

He demonstrated that a man could not do anything without motivation since they would not see the point in doing so. Charvarius is now a star NFL player playing as a cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers.

In 2019, Ward led the Kansas City Chiefs to victory against the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl LIV championship game, which they went on to win. On March 17, 2022, Ward signed a deal with the San Francisco 49ers for a total of $42 million over three years.

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