Chazz Harbison Bio, Age, Job, Net Worth
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Dating someone who’s in jail is hard and even harder when they come out — because they struggle to reintegrate into society. But Love After Lockup season 4 star, Chazz Harbison was patient with his love and tried his best to make things work with Branwin Jones.

This Chazz Harbison Bio explores his life.

Love After Lockup: Are Chazz Harbison And Branwin Jones Still Together?

Sadly no, Chazz Harbison and Branwin Jones are not together anymore.

According to Chazz, he and Branwin have split up and he’s already changed his relationship status on FB to “single” as well. Well, given Branwin allegedly resumed her work as an escort, it was only a matter of time before Chazz said enough.

As seen on the show, Chazz first gets the information on his wife’s escort website ads — under the pseudonym Bailee Bane — and then he tries to give her a chance to explain. However, Branwin instead plays the victim and says, “To know that Chazz is sneaking around behind my back is just annoying as f**k. I can’t believe that he thinks I’m a prostitute. But, if I was, like, would you not love me? Like, a lot of women prostitute and I don’t have any less respect for them.”

Chazz then comes up with an idea to catch her red-handed and creates a fake profile on the escort website and contacts Branwin. Naturally, she responds, and Chazz had her right where he wanted her.

Later, he confronts Branwin, and once again, she flips the script and accuses him of being delusional. Only this time, Chazz wasn’t falling for the act. Instead, he wanted revenge and didn’t plan to stop until he gets it. “Chazz wants her back in prison,” Soapdirt mentioned.

Over an IG post dated Nov 10, 2022, he even gave Branwin the middle finger via a photo, and captioned it, “Dear Branwin Jones ….”

Before all the drama, Chazz and Branwin were a happy pair who talked for 2 years before meeting in real life. And surprisingly, they decided to get married even before Branwin was out of jail. So, when Branwin got out, Chazz bought her an engagement ring, expensive clothes, shoes, and a phone, and tied the knot.

Who Is Chazz Harbison Ex-Wife?

Chazz Harbison has been married 5 times! Meaning he has five ex-wives including Branwin Jones.

Amongst them, Maria Gaddy Harbison is Chazz’s last ex-wife (his 4th) before Branwin Jones. Reportedly, they married in June 2009. The lucky gal, Maria, even received her second wedding ring from Chazz in Christmas 2012.

Maria  Gaddy Harbison is a  Dublin, Georgia native who celebrates her birthday on November 14. She attended  Middle Georgia College and before 2023 resided in  La Grange, Kentucky.

Chazz Harbison Age

Chazz Harbison was 56 years of age in 2023.

He is 15 years older than Branwin Jones.

Chazz Harbison Job

Chazz Harbison is a musician who’s worked in the recording/sound field for over a decade. But he’s more than just your average musician. He’s done live narrations and announcements for the United States Marine Corps and has also provided VoiceOver talent for Apple.

His Voice skills include — Animation Movie Trailers, Documentaries, Audiobooks Elearning, Radio Ads, Telephone, Videogames, Podcasting, Television Ads, Video Narration Online Ads, and Voice Assistant.

Also, Chazz is a certified Cable Installation technician, Satellite installation technician, Fiber optic installation, and repair personnel.

“I am a Journalist who likes to talk about music technology and DIY technology with a weak spot for reality television,” the star described his job.

Now, talking in detail about his military service, he spent over twenty years in the United States military and started his Marine Corps band career with the Marine Forces Pacific Band. He retired as a Staff Sergeant in February 2013.

As for his education, he has a Bachelor’s in Audio/Sound engineering and a Master’s in digital journalism from Full Sail University.

How Much Is Chazz Harbison Net Worth?

Chazz Harbison flaunted a net worth of above $1 million in 2023.

Did you know: Chazz’s real name is “Charles H Harbison.”

Chazz Harbison Height

Chazz stands tall at a height of under 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm).

His distinct features include — brown eyes and hair and an oblong face.

Chazz Harbison Family

Chazz comes from a family of at least six.

His mother, Katherine Harbison is a Saint Joseph, Missouri native who attended Lafayette High School and later went on to work at Central High School, St. Joseph, MO. She turned 83 in Sept 2022.

Sadly, Chazz’s father has long passed away.

As for his siblings, Chazz has three sisters named Cheryl Leggans, Katherine Harbison, and Cris Pickett.

Cheryl is a Missouri Western State University graduate, Cris is a Virginia Commonwealth University graduate, and Katherine graduated from Lafayette High School.

Besides them, Chazz also considered his beloved cat named Cowboy to be a part of his family. Sadly, Cowboy was put down at the age of 18.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Chazz Harbison From?

Chazz hails from LaGrange, KY.

  • When Is Chazz Harbison Birthday?

Chazz receives his birthday wishes in March. So, that makes his either of Pisces or Aries zodiac.

  • Is Chazz Harbison On Instagram?

Find him on Instagram @chazz_love_after_lockup.

Also, here’s his Facebook @chazz.harbison and @CNC Chazz, Twitter @CNCChazz, and Youtube @CNCChazz.

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