In a recent interview with Variety, Denzel Washington finally addressed Ellen Pompeo’s story about their differences during season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy.

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A few months ago, Ellen Pompeo made headlines when she told a story about her interactions with Denzel Washington as he directed some episodes of her long-running series, Grey’s Anatomy.

During one scene, the actress claimed Denzel “went ham on my a**” when she improvised a line with a co-star.

Now, Denzel is giving some insight into the situation, very briefly answering a question about it during a new interview with Variety. Unfortunately for fans that want some tea on the situation, Washington isn’t giving us that, instead saying that he doesn’t even recall that day.

“No, no,” he told the outlet, claiming he doesn’t remember the incident. Then, with a slight grin, he added, “But it’s all good.”

This comes following a very vivid recollection from Pompeo in September, who told fans about the incident on her Tell Me With Ellen Pompeo podcast. At the time, she recalled a moment where she yelled an improvised line to another character during an emotional scene.

“I was like, ‘Look at me when you apologize. Look at me,’” she recalled yelling at the actor during the scene. “And that wasn’t in the dialogue. And Denzel went ham on my a**. He was like, ‘I’m the director. Don’t you tell him what to do.’”

“I was like, ‘Listen, motherf***er, this is my show,’” Ellen continued. “This is my set. Who are you telling?”

Luckily, that interaction didn’t make too much of a mark on Denzel…or maybe he’s just being polite.

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