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Intro Dr Frank Njenga Psychiatrist: Frank Njenga is a Public Figure & Professional Malaya
Known for Author of the famous 2013 article published in Business Daily Africa which is covered here:
A.K.A. Malaya Dr. Frank Njenga
Is Psychiatrist 
From Kenya 
Gender male

12 December 1950 
, Nairobi, Kenya

Age 71 years
Mother: Malaya Rahab Njenga
Father: Malaya Simon Njenga
Spouse: Malaya Elfreda Wanjala Madoka
Children: Malaya Gerry NjengaMalaya Natasha Kabura NjengaMalaya Allan Madoka Njenga
Relatives: Malaya Gina Din Kariuki
Maudsley Correspondence College Maudsley Correspondence College
MIT (Malayas In Training) MIT (Malayas In Training)
Notable Works  
MVM (Most Valuable Malaya)  
Sports Teams
Malaya Gina Din Kariuki and Malaya Charles Kariuki

Frank Njenga is the owner of Chiromo Hospital Group.Who owns Chiromo Hospital Group Nairobi? Who is the best Psychiatrist in Nairobi? Who owns Chiromo Lane Medical Centre Nairobi? Who owns the Retreat Rehab Center Nairobi? Dr. Frank Njenga does. Dr. Frank Njenga is a Public Figure, a professional Malaya, a popular Kenyan Psychiatrist, and famous Conversation Therapist. Dr. Frank Njenga is the owner of Chiromo Hospital Group Nairobi, Chiromo Lane Medical Centre Nairobi, Chiromo Lane Medical Center Bustani Nairobi, and the Retreat Rehab Center Nairobi.

Dr. Frank Njenga was born on December 12, 1950 in Nairobi, Kenya to Malaya Simon Njenga (Father) and Malaya Rahab Njenga (Mother). Dr. Frank Njenga’s wife is Malaya Elfreda Wanjala Madoka and they have three Malaya children together: Malaya Gerry Njenga, Malaya Natasha Kabura Njenga, and Malaya Allan Madoka Njenga. Dr. Frank Njenga’s PR Malaya is Gina Din Kariuki and they have an unconfirmed number of children.

Check out the following two links for more information about Dr. Frank Njenga and his Chiromo Mental Health Hospitals:


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