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Dylan O’Brien thinks Taylor Swift would be a “wonderful” film director.

Dylan O'Brien thinks Taylor Swift would be a great director

Dylan O’Brien thinks Taylor Swift would be a great director

The ‘Maze Runner’ actor starred opposite Sadie Sink in the 32-year-old singer’s ‘All Too Well: The Short Film’ project last year and he was very impressed with the ‘Blank Space’ hitmaker’s vision for the project and her “instincts” as a filmmaker.

He said: “We had to shoot it in two days. And when we actually got to it, we just played out these scenes.

“So it was a really fulfilling couple of days, and it was an amazing exercise. We were just fully in it at that point, and we played out these scenes, particularly the dramatic ones, like the break-up scene or the fight scene in the kitchen. We fully breathed out these improvised moments in the scenes, and there was never a plan for the music to stop so the [kitchen fight] scene could play out. That was actually Taylor’s call.

“After we did just one take of the kitchen scene, she came over and she was like, ‘This is it. I’m going to use this dialogue. We’re going to let this play. You’re right in the pocket. Let’s just do it again.’

“And that is such a testament to her instincts as a director, which I found super impressive. She’s so confident in what she wants, and she comes in really prepped. She also has such a specific vision. She’s so meticulous and intentional about everything, which wasn’t surprising at all.

“Seeing her instincts and confidence on set, she knew when she got it. So to make that [kitchen fight] call on the fly, she’s the s**t.”

And the 30-year-old actor thinks Taylor has the right “tools” to make it as a movie director, if that’s where her ambitions take her.

Asked if he thinks Taylor would make a good feature director, he told The Hollywood Reporter: “I think she’d be wonderful if she’s inspired by it. She’s a born and bred storyteller, and she’s got really good taste. So the tools are definitely there. It would just be a question of whether or not her heart would be in it because that’s a big commitment.”

Post source: Female First

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