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Erin Doherty thinks Princess Anne is the “rock star” of the royal family.

Erin Doherty has hailed Princess Anne

Erin Doherty has hailed Princess Anne

The 29-year-old actress plays the princess in the Netflix drama ‘The Crown’, and she admits that her real-life self is distinctly different to her on-screen character.

She explained: “When I leave a meeting room or whatever, I’m the type of person who will walk back to the train station replaying every moment. I can’t let it go unless I’ve done that.”

Erin admits that social media platforms, like Instagram, have intensified some of her worries.

She told the Guardian newspaper: “That’s the scary thing about Instagram. It has all these glorious things. Even for someone like me, who isn’t on it day to day, I still find myself looking at all these photos and being like, ‘Right, well, where am I going to get that set of plates from?’ Why do I care? It’s crazy!”

Erin also suggested that life was less complicated for people from previous generations.

She said: “People who lived in the 1970s had it sorted. They rang people in telephone boxes and met up at places and that was it. Hopefully, something will happen and social media won’t be what our culture revolves around.”

Erin has already experienced some ups and downs during her career, including being rejected from drama school.

But the actress has always tried to see setbacks as opportunities.

She said: “Rejection is really great.

“Being rejected is an opportunity because you’re literally being told no. So rather than just going A to B, you’ve got to figure something else out. And figuring that out is an amazing opportunity.

“As an actor, regardless of what you do, you’re always going to get told no at some point. You don’t get every job you go up for, that’s just impossible, so you have to be alright with that.”

Post source: Female First

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