S Club 7's Hannah Spearritt was left in agony following the boob job she craved.
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People who are curious to know about Hannah Spearritt illness get to know it via this article. Is the Actress doing fine with her health? 

Spearritt is the original group member of S Club 7, and this is a pop group. She was involved in singing for a very long time, and along with her singing career, she has been smoothly going on with her acting career. 

S Club 7 was present till 2003, and the band mutually decided to split. The group had four albums of UK singles.

It started in 1999 and ended in 2003. But still, most people know Spearritt as a band member. 

But, she has not been involved in any television show or movie since 2018; her last television series was EastEnders, and her latest movie was I Dog. So, many fans are curious to learn about her health condition. 

Hannah Spearritt Illness: She Battled With Breast Implant

In 2018, the Actress and singer claimed that her health has been bad since she had secret breast implants in 2013. 

Nobody knew about the breast implant she had in 2013 before she revealed her health condition because implant. 

Spearritt stated that she had been dying for some time; many symptoms were observed as a result of the implant, which she had never considered or listened to.

Spearritt talked about her symptoms in The Morning back in 2018; she mentioned she suffered hair loss, memory loss, depression and other minor symptoms which drained her. 

S Club 7's Hannah Spearritt was left in agony following the boob job she craved.
S Club 7’s Hannah Spearritt was left in agony following the boob job she craved. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

In 2022, after suffering for a long time, she made a documentary for ITVBe: Hannah Spearritt: Me & Breast Implants, in which she opened up about her secret breast implant and the worst three years of her life.

The Actress talked about how the implant poisoned her body, slowly damaging her physically and mentally. 

Spearritt said, “I was suffering with severe anxiety and was diagnosed with systemic candida, a fungal overgrowth — then the depression hit. I felt like I was dying towards the end,” 

After she started getting many symptoms and could not function and think properly, she had all medical tests, and people claimed she was going crazy. 

The Actress was put on lots of medication and could not be back in her acting career. But after a specific time, she was accepting and learning and growing. 

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Hannah Spearritt Health Condition And Update 

The Actress has not talked about her health condition since 2018. Also, he has been absent from any new project since then. 

But, she has updated her life in media, and many online portals have mentioned her health.

Spearritt seems to be doing well with her health condition now. In the same year, 2018, she was blessed with a baby girl. 

In December 2020, the Actress and her boyfriend, Adam Thomas, said they welcomed their second child. She is now blessed with a happy and small family. 

Hannah Spearritt along with her daughter at Bing's Christmas premiere.
Hannah Spearritt, along with her daughter, at Bing’s Christmas premiere. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Spearritt has been living with her long-term boyfriend, Adam Thomas and their two daughters. She has not been married yet but was engaged to Andrew-Lee Potts, but they separated in 2013. 

Spearritt might be back in her acting career soon, as many people have been waiting for her to be back with the same energy, but she has not claimed to be in a movie or series yet. 

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