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If your wife’s reading this, it’s too late

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Everyone’s buzzing over Drake following an Instagram troll’s wife and DMing her in one of the pettiest celebrity responses to a comment section hater of all-time.

It all started when the ‘God’s Plan’ rapper slide into Slam Studios’ Instagram comments section to support Black fathers in the NBA like Lavar Ball and Tee Morant who are unfairly criticized for “doing too much” while celebrating their children.

Drake commented that “OGs have a right to talk trash” and if his son Adonis was in any competition as simple as even solving a Rubik’s cube, he would be doing the same.

Naturally, a thirsty hater responded, saying that “Adonis would only be playing with ghostwriters” in a lazy attempt at trolling.

What he didn’t expect was Drake following his wife to “put some excitement in her life” which is exactly what happened.

Now, you would think the wife would block Drake and stand with her king but the exact opposite unfolded right before our eyes.

She immediately took to her IG story to let her followers (and everyone else in the whole entire world) know Drake followed her.

“My husband @Ceddbo_ybagnm decides to be a troll and now @champagne papi thinking I need excitement in my life,” wrote the wife with an eyeball emoji.


At first, her husband seemed to be a good sport by laughing off the situation before things swerved left.

Hours later, he posted threats on his IG story after hours of ruthless slander. A dirt nap? oh he was MAD mad.

What started as good ‘ole fashioned internet mess devolved into an uncomfortable marital spat that spilled onto Reddit.

Whether or not Drake actually ended their marriage remains to be seen but the now infamous couple gained over 20K followers and flipped the viral moment into sponsored posts.

Do you think Ceddy Bo’s wife is gone for good? Is she wrong for entertaining Drake? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over Drizzy’s now legendary DM on the flip.

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