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How Old Is Jeff Dickerson Son Parker Dickerson? Jeff Dickerson’s son Parker Dickerson is how old? After both of his parents died, his family took care of him.

Dickerson is the son of Jeff Dickerson, an ESPN Bears reporter. His father died at the age of 44 from complications related to colon cancer. Melanoma took his mother’s life in 2019.

BREAKING: ESPN Reporter Jeff Dickerson Passes Away Two Years After Losing Wife, Leaves Behind Young Child

Both of his parents died of cancer. Jeff, his father, died in the same hospice center where Caitlin, his mother, died in 2019. Jeff was admitted to the hospice center last week because his health was failing.

Meet Jeff Dickerson Son Parker Dickerson: What Is His Age? 

Jeff Dickerson was survived by his son Parker Dickerson and parents George Dickerson and Sandy Dickerson, as per Yahoo! Sports,

Dickerson’s age is 11 years. He was just eight years old when his mother passed away.

Parker’s father, Jeff, was diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this year and was optimistic about a full recovery. His father was playing the role of both parents and taking care of Parker. 

Without his wife, Jeff tried everything to support Parker and especially his love and passion for athletics. He was extremely proud of his son’s achievements. 

A GoFundMe page for Parker got set up by his aunt Jen Hobin. Many people have reached out to help and support the young boy. The money collected from the funds would directly support Dickerson’s education, athletics, health, and welfare. 

Dickerson is on a few Wiki-bio pages, but there is little information about the young boy on the internet.

Parker Dickerson Family Details Revealed

Parker Dickerson’s family is with him during this difficult time. His parents, Jeff and Caitlin, always supported and loved him. 

Parker’s mother, Caitlin, passed away in 2019 after a long battle with cancer. She was 36 years old and suffered from Melanoma and had been fighting cancer since 2011.

Jeff announced in July 2019 that he was reducing his responsibilities with ESPN Chicago to care for her ailing wife and his son. He tweeted the news of his wife’s death in 2019.

Parker is supported by his doting grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins during the difficult time.

Is Parker Dickerson On Instagram?

Parker Dickerson is not on Instagram as he is just 11 years old. However, his pictures were often uploaded on his dad’s social media platforms. 

Jeff often took Parker to games, and he has met many professional athletes. He aspires to become an athlete one day. 

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