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Is Betty Idol Man Or Woman? Transgender Comments Explored

Is Betty Idol man or woman? Let’s explore the Love & HipHop personality’s gender and sexuality details.

Betty Idol is a rapper who was also seen on the fifth season of Love & HipHop: Atlanta. We can even call her a reality TV star as a part of the show.

Idol is mostly famous for her performance on Rick Ross’ single “Thug Cry”. She might have a successful career now; however, she has been through a hard time. Idol’s dad was a part of the Cartel, and that affected her in many ways.

In fact, she was even held at a gunpoint and was in a run between Texas and New York. This all happened during her school years.

You can also catch Betty on the show called ‘Cartel Crew’.

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Is Betty Idol Man Or Woman?

Regarding her gender, Betty Idol is a woman. She is neither a man nor a transgender woman; she is a straight woman.

Similarly, Idol was born as a woman and still identifies as it.

Rumors about Betty Idol being a transgender has surfaced the internet. However, they are not true.

Betty is best friends with D. Smith, who is a transgender. Her appearance and friendship with Smith also gave a start to her transgender rumors.

Moreover, Idol is not transgender. She has been on the receiving end of hate comments, because some people have decided to assume her sexuality.

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Idol has addressed Transgender comments through a YouTube video. You can find the link to the video here.

On the same video, Betty has mentioned that she doesn’t take any offense to transgender comments and believes that they are hot.

Who is Betty Idol Partner?

Betty Idol is currently single and doesn’t have a partner. However, she was previously in a relationship.

On the show ‘Love & HipHop: Atlanta’, Betty was rapper Lil Scrappy’s romantic interest. She has now moved on from Lil Scrappy but is yet to give her heart away to someone else.

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