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Is Jada Pinkett Smith Bald In Real Life? Jada Pinkett Smith got a shave. After a long fight with hair loss, is she suffering from alopecia? Is there a wig on her head? Get to know it better.

During the Oscars 2022 punch video, rumors concerning Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair started to circulate. A video of Jada’s husband, actor Will Smith, punching comedian Chris Rock has recently aroused discussion.

Is Jada Pinkett Smith Bald In Real Life? Alopecia Cancer and Hair Loss Update, Does She Wear A Wig?

Chris Rock, a comedian, commented about Jada’s hair, predicting that she will appear in GI Jane 2. But Smith, who stormed the stage and smacked Chris Rock in the face, didn’t appear to like it.

Is Jada Pinkett Smith Bald In Real Life?  

Jada Pinkett Smith is not completely bald. She had decided to shave her hair in late 2021.

Jada recently spoke out about her alopecia experience. For the past three years, the actress has been publicly untangling the many layers of her hair-loss story.

In July 2021, Jada shaved her entire head with the assistance of her daughter Willow Smith. She then took to Instagram to share her hair-loss journey, with a photograph of herself with a hairless line on her closely shaved scalp.

On May 21, 2018, the Red Table Talk host first discussed her hair loss journey. At the time, she tearfully explained to her fans why she wore a turban all the time.

Willow, her daughter, was the first to post photos of her on social media. Willow had posted a stunning selfie and referred to her mother as a “baldheaded baddie.”

Jada Pinkett Smith Alopecia Cancer and Hair Loss Update

Jada Pinkett Smith has become very much vocal about alopecia and her hair loss journey. She keeps on sharing the update via her Instagram handle @jadapinkettsmith

Jada is not alone in her journey; her husband, Will Smith, and daughter Willow Smith have both expressed their full support for her decision to embark on this adventure.

So much so that Willow even shaved her hair off. She had featured in the video for MGK’s song “Emo Girl,” in which she was bald.

Mrs. Smith had issued a major update on her health condition on December 28, 2021. She had laughed about her hair loss in a brief video she posted on Instagram.

She displayed her scalp and explained why she was doing so so that no one would be confused and think she had brain surgery or something more serious.

Does Jada Pinkett Smith Wear A Wig? 

Jada Pinkett Smith is not a wig wearer. True, she has worn wigs in the past, but only for films or special events. 

Right now, Jada has learned to embrace her body and hair. Her appearances on several shows and events show that she is currently rocking her bald hair. 

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