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Is John Berman Still In The Hospital? On Monday, CNN host John Berman spoke about his 25-mile run during the Boston Marathon last week, claiming he “wasn’t sure” if he would survive after being hospitalized for heatstroke.

John Berman recounted being exhausted at the 24-mile point, then waking up in an emergency room with a high body temperature, feeling “extremely befuddled and confused” and upset that he couldn’t reach his wife. She was at the finish line, waiting for him.

Is John Berman Still In The Hospital? What Happened To CNN Anchor, Wife & Does He Have An Instagram Account

He had no recall of entering a medical tent, being placed into an ambulance, or being transported to a hospital.

Berman was released after receiving a “unhealthy” amount of rehydration. He claims that in the long run, he will be unaffected.

What Happened To John Berman On CNN?

Berman was admitted to the hospital on Monday after a heat stroke, a condition caused by body overheating.

“Apparently, I had 25 GREAT miles,” the CNN anchor said on Instagram before “taking a detour to the medical tent” and ultimately the hospital.

Last Tuesday, he tweeted, “I don’t fully recall what occurred, but I am doing much better today.”

Berman told CNN on Monday that he doesn’t recall “the essential sections” of the incident but that he began to feel exhausted around the 24th mile.

“I wasn’t overwhelmed, but I was thinking in my brain that I could run much, much slower, even walk some, and still finish the race in the time I desired,” he added. “I wasn’t sure how much further I had to go.”

Is John Berman Still In The Hospital?

John Berman was admitted to the hospital and stayed for three nights before being released.

Doctors reported he had a heat stroke, which resulted in rhabdomyolysis, or muscular tissue disintegration.

The CNN anchor, who was placed on an IV until his blood levels returned to normal, thanked everyone who assisted and supported him while he was in the hospital.

Who Is John Berman Wife Kerry Voss?

John Berman rose to immense fame for being a successful news anchor, who as of now serves as a co-anchor for CNN’s New Day with Brianna Keller. However, talking about John Berman’s wife Kerry Voss, she rarely comes to the limelight of media. Moreover, she has maintained her personal life in privacy and usually stays behind the camera.

Thus, for the people who need to know about John Berman’s wife Kerry Voss’ profession, tragically, it is confidential. Both John and Kerry have not revealed anything about her professional work. We believe, she might be enjoying her luxurious life behind the camera. According to the reports from Westchester Magazine, Kerry is involved in philanthropic work. Moreover, she has appeared in various charity events. Likewise, Kerry and her husband, John Berman has organized a charity event the Bedford Turkey Trot, a community race in Bedford.

John Berman Career Details

After graduating from Harvard, John Berman joined ABC News as a junior office worker and rose through the ranks to become Chief Writer for Peter Jennings, the long-time anchor of ABC World News Tonight.

Moreover, Berman was assigned to cover the White House after President George W. Bush’s inauguration. He requested to be relocated to New York after six months.

The World Trade Center towers were demolished in the September 11 attacks during his first week on the job. He then reported from Iraq as a general assignment reporter, embedded with a Marine combat battalion in al-Nasiriyah as an on-air correspondent at the start of the war.

Does John Berman Have An Instagram Account?

John Berman has an Instagram account. His handle name is @johnberman. He is a verified user and has over 28.9 thousand followers and 538 posts.

In the same manner, Berman also has a Twitter account. His handle name is @JohnBerman. He has 162.4 thousand followers, along with 30.4 thousand tweets.

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