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Is Rapper Johnny May Cash Shot Dead Or Still Alive? Johnny May Cash, a rapper, is said to have died as a result of a gunshot wound. On the internet, there are rumors that he has died.

Tyree Lamar Pittman is an American record producer, rapper, and songwriter best known by his stage name Young Chop. He has a younger brother named Johnny May Cash.

Is Rapper Johnny May Cash Shot Dead Or Still Alive? Young Chop Brother Killed

There have been recent claims that he was murdered and died. Netizens have expressed their sorrow and sent their condolences to the artist and his family.

Is Rapper Johnny May Cash Shot Dead Or Still Alive?

Rapper Johnny May Cash is shot and dead on Sunday. According to an Instagram post from SayCheeseTV, he was hit in the thigh and eventually died of his injuries.

There are no further updates about the incident. Official news sources have also not covered the matter yet. Thus, we can not confirm anything related to the alleged murder. 

However, some cyberians have started to speculate on the whole issue. Some think that the murder is linked to a viral video supposedly featuring Johnny from January, as per HipHop DX.

The clip was shared online, which seems to be camera footage. In the video, he brutally tossed a young lady against a wall twice while holding her hair, then struck her in the head. To get away from the assault, the woman ultimately rushes away barefoot.

Explore Young Chop Brother Johnny May Cash Wikipedia

Johnny May Cash, brother of Young Chop, does not have a Wikipedia profile. However, he is also said to be a rapper.

As per his Twitter bio, he has a song on Itunes whose link is provided in the profile. Some of his songs are, Get money, Back again, Before your brother, A shame, Dream, etc. 

Although information about his career is less, there are some details about his personal life. Additionally, he had been in trouble and arrested before.

He was detained in April 2020 for failing to maintain insurance, having an expired tag/registration, driving without a legal license, and being reckless.

How Old Is Johnny May Cash?- Details On His Age

Johnny May Cash is said to be at the age of 27. However, his birth details are not available at the moment. 

However, his big brother is 28 years old and born on November 14, 1993.

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