James Hewitt Wife

Who Is James Hewitt Wife After Princess Diana? Fans want to know more about James Hewitt Wife because James Hewitt dated Princess Diana, a British former cavalry officer in the British Army.

He rose to prominence in the mid-1990s after admitting to having an affair with Princess Diana of Wales while she was still married to then-Prince Charles.

Following his graduation from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Hewitt was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Life Guards, British Army, on April 8, 1978.

He was promoted to lieutenant on April 8, 1980. On October 1, 1981, he switched from a short service commission to a specific regular commission.

He was promoted to acting captain on October 8, 1984. On October 21, 1985, he switched from a special regular commission to a standard commission.

During the 1991 Gulf War, he led a Challenger tank squadron. In June 1991, he was mentioned in dispatches “in recognition of service during the operation in the Gulf.”

He failed the exam three times before advancing to a major. He retired from the British Army on March 1 after 17 years of service.

Who Is James Hewitt Wife After Princess Diana? Net Worth Details

Their relationship began while Hewitt was still a member of the Household Cavalry and was asked to teach the princess how to ride.

The romance was immediately reported in British newspapers, first in hints in Nigel Dempster’s Daily Mail Diary and then in full in the News of the World once the relationship became public.

Anna Pasternak published Princess in Love in 1994, some time after he had left the army.

Hewitt was a key source, and it was claimed that he had a five-year relationship with Diana, Princess of Wales between 1986 and 1991.

James Hewitt Wife
James Hewitt Wife: He Never Got Married After Splitting Up With Princess Diana. (Source: The People)

Diana acknowledged the relationship in a Panorama interview in 1995.

The following year, David Greene’s film Princess in Love, based on the novel, was released, starring Julie Cox and Christopher Villiers.

After the affair ended, Hewitt considered suicide. He wanted to shoot himself while preparing to travel to France.

“After I loaded a few things into my car and boarded the ferry for France, where I intended to commit suicide,” he said.

And if she hadn’t, I’m sure I would have shot myself. So she saved my life.”

After splitting up with Princess Diana, James Hewitt never married and, according to some sources, is still single.

James Hewitt Net Worth 2022

James has no information on his net worth, implying that he is a little tight-lipped about his finances.

Celebrity’s net worth estimates his net worth to be more than $3 million as of 2022. James must still formally confirm this information.

James Hewitt with Prince Harry.
James Hewitt with Prince Harry. (Source: IB Times)

In 2003, Hewitt attempted to sell 64 private letters from Diana for £10 million. Selling the notes was thought to be a breach of trust.

After Princess Diana died unexpectedly on August 31, 1997, Hewitt continued to make money by peddling rumors about their relationship. Home 

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