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Jessica Alves is going to Thailand for vocal feminisation surgery.

Jessica Alves opens up about her latest surgery

Jessica Alves opens up about her latest surgery

The 38-year-old TV star – who was born male as Rodrigo Alves but underwent sex reassignment surgery in 2021 after coming out as a trans woman the year before – described the sound of her current voice as “androgynous” and claimed it can leave people “very confused.”

She said: “My current voice is considered androgynous. It isn’t a male voice but it isn’t a female voice either which leaves people very confused over the phone as they don’t know if they are talking to a man or a woman. It is very exhausting for me to always correct the tone and the pitch of my voice when talking to people or when I am on a date, as I think that my voice is the only thing that gives away the fact that I am a trans woman.”

The former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate went on to explain that she has turned down a lot of TV work in the UK because she “hates” her voice but the surgery will give her a confidence boost.

She told MailOnline: “I have been turning down a lot of job offers for TV roles where I have to speak a lot as I don’t like my voice and it plays a lot of my confidence.

“Currently most of the TV shows I do are in Brazil, Germany and Italy and those are long term contracts which I have to fulfil even though I hate my voice and I don’t want to speak much. Having voice feminisation surgery will give me a lot more confidence to do more TV shows.”

The Instagram star – who boasts five million followers on her social media platform- will jet off to Bangkok on Sunday (30.04.22) for the surgery and will spend a month recuperating before undergoing voice therapy to adjust her speech.

Jessica has spent close to £1million on surgery so far and hopes that her efforts result in a marriage one day because at the moment men “lose interest” when they realise she is transsexual.

She said: “So far I have done 78 surgeries and I have spent about £800,000, and this year I would like to finish all my surgeries and then find a relationship and eventually get married. Most of the time when men realise that I am a transsexual woman they lose their interest.”

Post source: Female First

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